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To Save a Playlist
Hello, I'm searching for a plugin or feature, so I can save my playlist. I want to save my playlist. So when I start the programm at the next day, I want to load this playlist. So I have not to place my tracks again. Thank you!
"It is now possible to export playout log hours to a file and import them to another hour from PlayIt Live 2.08"
Comment on this feature request:
Chris Thomas commented
I've noticed Plait Live creates a play log as audio is played out. It also imports PlayIt logs, right? I'm wondering if it might be possible to pre-load the drag n' drop area, then save that audio list in order as a log without hitting the play button?
Ward Weis commented
Export & Import playlists could also be a nice option (solution) w
Adam Lewis commented
This would be really helpful!
Peter Noble commented
Is there a way of printing a log for presenters, that are remote and just record links for me
Travis Farmer commented
I too would love this feature. i am just beginning with an internet radio station/live podcast type of thing, and it would be very helpful if i could setup the program as i would like it played, and save it. then simply load it up when i am preparing to go live, and have it run the program when i hit the play button.
Joey Mas commented
This would be awesome! - Love the software BTW!
Ian Maddock commented
seems a good idea, if we could load in M3U playlists or create them for show prep for future use or VT purposes (for example if you record in one studio but do your prep in an office environment, but use a shared music database) that would be really useful.
Thomas Harrison commented
Exporting a log whether already played or upcoming would be a great idea (I would love to be able to generate a M3U file from one copy of PIL and toss it into a Dropbox for use at other machines).
James Jones commented
Can't you do this already by creating a clock and picking the tracks for the hour and schedule it for the day/time you want it? It will then be ready for the hour you want to broadcast... I know this isn't the same as simply loading a playlist or clock straight to the playlist, but should achive the same thing?
Ron Ackerman commented
In the meantime you can download Playlist Creator (3rd party) Set it to Absolute in Settings and save it as m3u. Then you can load the saved file using Ployout Log.


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