PlayIt Software


  • Live-assist and automated radio playout system.
  • Play WAVs, MP3s, WMAs or MP4s.
  • Choose from classic cart decks mode or live-assist players mode.
  • Instant one-touch QuickCarts for jingles and sound effects.
  • Organise QuickCarts with multiple pages and custom colours.
  • Supports any sound card available to Windows including professional ASIO devices.
  • Operate players and controls using keyboard commands.
  • Add tracks with an easy to use wizard.
  • Analyse tracks for silence for a more streamlined playout.
  • Configure individual sound cards for each player.
  • Categorise tracks into groups.
  • Set up playout policies and patterns for a unified sound.
  • Scheduled playout clocks to define a template for each hour.
  • Playout log to enable future planning of playout items.
  • Advanced playout items such as Fixed Time Markers to ensure content keeps to time.
  • Play remote audio files and live streams from the internet.
  • Trigger actions at specific times with Scheduled Events.
  • Tighten segues with sweeper segue styles.
  • Stream to SHOUTcast and Icecast servers via Internet Broadcast plugin.
  • Mix microphone input with PlayIt Live output with the Microphone Mix plugin.
  • Apply compression, equalisation and automatic gain control with the Audio Processing plugin.
  • Synchronise data with a PlayIt Manager or another PlayIt Live instance.
  • PREMIUM MODULE: Integrated voice tracking, including remote voice tracking.
  • PREMIUM MODULE: Built-in remote management server to enable management of data outside the studio.
  • PREMIUM MODULE: Advanced scheduling, including advert (spots, commercial) management and reporting.

Pricing / Optional Premium Modules

Core functionality in PlayIt Live is free-of-charge, but professional, premium modules are available at an additional cost:

Voice Tracking Module

Record only the voice links between songs to give the illusion of a live show.

Also includes remote voice tracking and enables voice tracking in PlayIt VoiceTrack.


one-time payment option also available
(USD $400)

Remote Management Module

Remotely manage and synchronise PlayIt Live track and schedule data.

Also enables remote management and synchronisation via PlayIt Manager


one-time payment option also available
(USD $400)

Advanced Scheduling Module

Enables advert management and reporting.


one-time payment option also available
(USD $400)



Main view of live-assist mode (Dark).
Main view of live-assist mode (Dark).
Main view of live-assist mode (Light).
Main view of live-assist mode (Light).
Main view of decks mode (Dark).
Main view of decks mode (Dark).
Main view of decks mode (Light).
Main view of decks mode (Light).
Fine tune track transitions with the segue editor.
Fine tune track transitions with the segue editor.
Give the impression you are live on-air with voice tracking.
Give the impression you are live on-air with voice tracking.
Fast as-you-type searching functionality.
Fast as-you-type searching functionality.
QuickCarts can be used to easily fire off jingles with one click.
QuickCarts can be used to easily fire off jingles with one click.
Easy-to-use track management.
Easy-to-use track management.
Simple wizard to add new tracks.
Simple wizard to add new tracks.
Create clocks to make a template for an hour.
Create clocks to make a template for an hour.
Schedule the playout log from clock templates or edit manually.
Schedule the playout log from clock templates or edit manually.

What do PlayIt Live users think?

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“The dark mode look is good... reminds me a little of Zetta which I use on a daily basis.”
Mark Dover, Essex, UK
“It's free, light and has the features I need.”
João, Brazil
“It's easy to program shows weeks in advance.”
Paul, Scotland
“I like how similar it is to Myriad so it has some features that are similar so we can create a professional sounding show.”
Kane, Manchester, UK
“I spent 8 years broadcasting via a community radio station that used RCS and I wanted something similar. I like the ability to program ahead including hard stops for talky bits (technical term). It is simple, straight forward ”
Rick, Stockport
“Visually pleasing, highly configurable, free, easy to use, great website with support and feature requests.”
Martin, Newcastle, Australia
“I have about 5,000 tracks on an external hard drive, just plug it in and the software does the rest”
Tony, East Sussex
“As a trained BBC engineer I have used many software packages, this package is ideal for communities to start their own internet radio quickly and effectively without extensive training and associated cost.”
Steve, Swansea
“Easy to install.  Intuitive interface”
“Simplistic and free”
Kratz Ang, Pagadian City, Philippines
“Absolutely love it. Very easy to use and not much trouble with it. Great support.”
Mike, Chanute, Kansas
“The automation is great.”
“The segue editor is absolutely fantastic. allowing songs in multiple categories is brill. and easy to use.”
“Intuitive, easy to use,”
John, Salt Lake City
“Familiar interface, menus easy to navigate. If you've used OpX or Simian, like I have, you already know the system.”
George, Odem
“Tight segues between songs. I like that the voicetracking feature allows you to see the WAV files and adjust spacing.”
“Fully featured, better than paid for software.”
Alexis, RSA
“Ideal playout software -  the voice track module and capability is superb.”
Tony, Birmingham UK
“It just works. simple and effective.”
Robin, Belgium
“Easy interface for DJ's.”
“It's an absolute doddle to use.”
Dean, Birmingham
“The software is great, easy to use and install.”
Stefan, United Kingdom
“Very easy to load and manage tracks.”
John, Rainham, Kent
“Great .. easy to get started.”
Barry, Liverpool UK
“I can schedule all the songs that I want to play in a timely manner.”
Junn, Washington, DC
“Versatile and easy to use.”
Karl, Rosedale, BC, Canada
“Comprehensive range of features comparable to more expensive systems.”
Charlie, Scotland
“Regular updates, simple to use, great support and documentation.”
Dave, Plymouth, UK
“The program is awesome, it is easy to use and very stable. It has all the options I was looking for.”
Alberto, Solorzano
“Install straight forward, user interface (drop and drag) understandable.”
Michael, USA
“I like the schedule and the voice track recording features”
Florencio, Del Valle
“Clean design and simple to use.  Integration of existing music libaray was quite easy.”
Gary, USA
“Very easy to use,  a lot of brilliant features, playout and transition between tracks is very smooth, this software packs a punch :)”
Andy, Glenrothes
“Easy to use.”
Matthew, Perth
“It seems easy enough to understand and importing tracks etc. Is nice and easy. The skin is clear and simple.”
Wayne, Sheffield
“Cross fade is spot on. The layout is simple.”
Pieter, South Africa
“Nice and easy to use UI, very intuitive.”
Paul, Salisbury
“Extremely user friendly interface.”
Modupe, England, United Kingdom
“Easy to operate, reliable. Very helpful YouTube videos. Incredible functionality given it is free with optional paid plugins and donations.”
“I have been evaluating a better playout software for a Community Radio Station. I like the ease of the interface, no scripts to deal with, very good manuals & online videos. It's replacing Mairlist.”
Terry, Frome Somerset
“It's free, easy to use and provides a really nice interface that is simple to navigate around.”
“Real great. Easy to use!”
Gunnar, Spain
“Superb automatic crossfading and time scheduled programming.”
Rick, Dordrecht, Netherlands
“It's free, simple, and quick to setup. What more could you want?”
Z, New Zealand
“It is easy to use and easy to understand.”
“I like the way you have set it up in that you are open about the cost and the reasons why you have done so. It is a very quick download and seems very easy to use. I like the way that the library is easy to set up and use. ”
Christopher, Cullompton, Devon
“It is very stable compared to similar apps. The database is much simpler to operate than RadioDJ. good clear display. Encoder works well. Simple click to get broadcasting. all in all a really good piece of kit.”
Wayne, Sheffield
“Very stable, easy to use, versatile.”
Rick, Near Rotterdam
“I like the audio compression plug in.”
“Simple. reliable and easy to learn.”
Bob, Atlanta, GA
“Clear interface, easy to install.”
“I love the GUI and the fact that I can just leave it running without ANY human interaction 24/7 and better yet it's free!”
“Easy to navigate and use.”
Teeh, South Africa
“I like the simplicity of it.”
Jacob, UK
“I found the top and tail facility good.”
Nicky, London
“I love the simple interface. I LOVE the track list and easy access to searching out a track.”
Mitch, USA
“Sounds great!”
“It works well with any sound card.”
Randy, Klamath Falls, OR
“It is nice and simple and has a simple user interface.”
Rob, Australia
“I like the ability to mix the segues and the markers on each track to allow excellent sounding segues.”
Bunjy, Farnborough, England
“No gaps and easy to use.”
Wayne, Tasmania
“Simple and Reliable”
Aidan, Chicago, IL
“Simple interface. No need to reboot regularly like some apps. No need for MySQL.”
TheWraith517, Liverpool
“Good simple interface.”
Luc, New Brunswick
“It's easier to use than SAM Broadcaster. Keep up the good work, I'm truly amazed that the software is free as most are not. I'm just automatically on air...awesome and uncomplicated.”
Patrick, Clare, Ireland
“Works without MySQL. Easy to build a playlist.”
“I love the interface of the program, how easy it is to navigate around the program without having to delve into menus. I love the segue editor, that is a really fantastic feature. The drag-and-drop music feature is also fantastic.”
Mike, Newcastle Upon Tyne
“Easy to use, easy to understand, helpful.”
Ollie, UK
“It's easy to operate.”
Dale, America
“Simple interface, good default fade switching.  I like the multiple sound card support.”
James, Bristol
“Easy to use, easy to manage all music and jingles and needs very low resources from my laptop.”
Claudio, Cascais, Portugal
“I like the ability to set grouping of songs to play at certain times, the segue editor, scheduling of songs and then drag-and-drop system.”
“Easy to use.”
Brian, Oregon
“The program does not freeze up while Windows is running in the background. It has very commercial appeal.”
Dan, Tennessee, USA
“Easy to use, self explaining.”
Planktone, Antwerp, Belgium
“Reliable, free, easy to use, yet advanced at the same time.”
James, Bristol
“I like the easy menu and way of working.”
Daniel, The Netherlands
“Very easy to use.”
Keith, Great Yarmouth
“I like the segue editor.”
Philip, London
“Overall, a brilliant piece of kit.”
“It's easy to use and the hot keys can be edited easily.”
Shingai, Zimbabwe
“I like the ability to drag-and-drop files directly from Windows into players. User interface in both Live Assist and Decks mode is very easy to use.”
Drew, NC
“It's free, it has flexibility for overlapping, jingles, etc.”
Paul, Athens, Georgia, USA
“Easy to manage and great features”
Danny, Belfast
“Seems to be intuitive, which is nice for an older guy such as myself. It is easy to plug in songs on the fly;”
Brian, Libby, Montana, USA
“It is easy, quick, and simple to use!”
Nathan, Michigan
“Seems to have made a good cross between live programming and automated. 10 years ago I used another piece of software - yours is easier to configure and gives me a much better live option.”
Jim, Chelmsford
“Quick to learn, user manual is good.”
Vic, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
“Simple, easy to set up.”
Barry, Radio Caroline
“Very easy to use. Ideal for new presenters who find Rivendell confusing.”
Rob, Weymouth, UK
“Good user interface easy to use and set up.”
Michael, England
“So simple to use, am ex radio, and this system is superior to a lot of professional on air systems I have used.”
Paul, Australia
“Sometimes I need to broadcast live, sometimes I like to record as live. I can slot voice tracks in where needed and go live for the rest. It's so versatile and user friendly! - I would go to this software before using RCS Zetta or Myriad!”
Darren, Derbyshire
“I love the layout and the quick carts. So much better than some other programs.”
Charles, United States
“Simple, logical, clear and it absolutely does what it's meant to do. Can get it up and running in very short time - very short learning curve. Excellent, courteous and timely support. Best bang-for-buck in the radio universe.”
Tim, Phuket, Thailand
“It has features that are similar to high end control room systems.”
“Easy to use.”
Joey, New Orleans, LA
“Pretty simple layout and seems to work well.”
Andy, Newcastle
“Easy installation, comparability, easy to understand and operate”
DJ Rocky Jr, United States
“Easy to use, fast and smooth software. The multi-players option helps a lot, and the fact you can easily change audio output for each part of the software is a 10/10.”
Gabriel, São Paulo, Brazil
“I like the multiple players, and you can select for every player the soundcard on which the sound will be played”
“It is very user friendly and it does what it says.”
Vag, Greece
“Easy to use ...can mix commercials music and jingles easily”
“I like its simplicity. I like the fact that you can use it with multiple sound cards. I like how fast it can search through 19,000 tracks. I like the track groups to help organize music by genre. This is A LOT that I like about PlayIt Live.”
Jon, Paonia, Colorado, USA
“Nice layout, smooth running, & doesn't gobble loads of CPU & RAM like other playouts I've used.”
Craig, Stoke on Trent
“I like the linear play format and ability to segway tracks which is handy with shows for lone operators.”
Martin, Blackpool
“Easy to use, set out clearly, not cluttered”
Malcolm, Great Yarmouth
“Intuitive, windows-friendly. Easy to load large files of music, and automatic topping & tailing of tracks.”
Patrick, Storrington, West Sussex, UK
“Easy to use. Good sound.”
Sindre, Norway
“Easy to set up. Clean and uncluttered layout. Much more robust than some of the competitor products that we have looked at.”
“Very simple, quick to use. Easy to get the "older" DJs to understand what it does. I like the way you can create filtered groups.”
“Instant playback - no lag. Easy to find tracks in the database.”
David, Texas, USA
“It's so great to discover this splendid program.”
Joris, Belgium
“Easy learning curve... great user interface.”
“It has brilliant fade times, and sounds fantastic. It is a breeze to use, it is a real help when it comes to outside road-shows. The automatic audio processing makes importing tracks really simple, you can even drag and drop them in! A fantastic piece of software, one which I will definitely recommend to everyone who I speak to”
Dan, Maghull
“It works similar to station software I have used, and it's very user-friendly”
Karen, Atlanta, USA
“I like the ability to schedule groupings of material in a predetermined rotation...... The program is very close to the old Scott Studios AXS program we used in broadcasting when automation first came out.”
Joseph, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
“PlayIt Live is awesome!!! (I'm a DJ for KASB Bellevue) and now we are able to create our own live shows, use sound effects and choose our own music.”
Sofie, Washington
“It does what it's supposed to, it functions well, lots of options and ways to use. It's helpful for going on air and just listening to music on my computer, great software!”
Will, Seattle
“It's easy to use - very user friendly and clean - not cluttered.”
Paul, Portaferry, County Down
“I love all the different things it can do. The clock feature is especially helpful for a small radio or audio blog operation. Being able to reschedule a clock on the calendar saves having to recreate a pattern that you use regularly.”
Cyrellys, Montana
“It is easy to use and is very well laid out”
“It's free, it's convenient, it looks like a pro”
Simon, Fobt-Romeu
“Simple and light, I can install it on my 10" Atom notebook with no issues. I love the quickcarts feature, I can play my sound effects easier.”
Miftahul, Indonesia
“It has all the features I need (particularly the playout pattern feature). It's simple and very easy to use”
Dean, Sydney
“Simple interface, easy to use.”
Jon, Doncaster
“It's an amazing easy to use software”
“Simple, clean, easy to use, no odd buttons sat on it that I won't use and don't understand”
Garry, Glasgow
“Easy to use, simple to add tracks.”
Martin, St Helens
“Scheduling system is far better than Radionomy. Playout system is good, similar to that which I used in radio in the past. Seems to be fairly stable. Very happy with it.”
Adam, Auckland, New Zealand
“The automation is superb. Simple interface with a short learning curve. Does what it says on the tin.”
Frederick, Llantwit Fardre, South Wales
“I like the way the interface is easy to use and how it is very similar to all the other professional play-out systems I have seen being used on real (non-Internet) radio stations.”
“It is very simple to use, e.g. Rivendell on Linux is too complex sometimes.”
Povilas, Lithuania
“Easy to use also I use a PC with my music as a sort of server - PlayIt remembers the network folders. I have a home studio and looking at using it for making hospital/community programmes”
“I love the zero latency playback, compatibility with pro audio cards, ease of use, friendly GUI and most importantly the use of hotkeys.”
Daren, Suffolk, UK
“Nice GUI, easy to learn”
Thomas, Georgia, USA
“Free :). Powerful, but simple to use”
Joseph, South Coast, UK
“Easy to set up and stable. Also its great that its free as the station is just beginning to think about funding. We are very thankful to you for all your work”
“Easy to use and not intrusive. Unlike RadioDJ”
Aaron, South Australia
“It is so easy to use - no complicated way of loading songs”
Bill, Scotland
“Easy to set up tracks to library and then into playlist. Easy to play tracks continuously or one by one”
Mike, Manchester
“Simple and clean user interface. Comprehensive user manual and it's free. Topping and tailing music is a very pleasant bonus.”
“Easy to setup and use the program. Particularly how easy it was to set up the program to talk directly to my caster web audio link and not need another computer or device to be able to broadcast”
Scot, Wisconsin
“The features of the software are brilliant, out of any free software on the web I would happily say PlayIt Live is the best one. After trying out other software, PlayIt Live offers everything which a radio station needs for playing music. The presenters love working on the system - very easy to learn and never have any problems!”
Will, Melksham
“Simple to set up, automatically schedules based on the clock & clock schedules from the music library”
James, Georgia
“Easy to use for the basics of playing programs at a specific time.”
Lewis, Kansas City, MO
“Easy to build a playlist and stream. I've been looking for this software for about 5 years, and couldn't be happier.”
Kevin, Toledo, OH
“Easy to use and very little power on the CPU”
Michael, UK
“GUI cut down to necessary layout for effective live playout. Configuration for discrete/individual output channels”
Lars, Denmark
“It's ease of use is incredible!”
Mike, Cambridge
“I like the organisation of the players, the ASIO support, the Playlisting, and the silence detection inside of the import system”
Dan, Derby
“The facility to select and play jingles is straightforward. Selection, ordering and playing of songs is simple.”
Bert, Dorset
“It's easy of use, simple drag and drop live assist. Single file list for audio database (not multiple pages). Instant players.”
Glenn, Vic, Australia
“I really like the numerous features (especially scheduling) to create a wholesome programming schedule easily. Furthermore, the design looks simple but not too overloaded which is very important for beginners and new users.”
“Easy to load playlist and songs. Clear on-screen format. Simple and quick to install server details. Easy to use the music scheduling system.”
Eddie, N. Ireland
“Free. Easy to add songs to queue. Mic plugin available to "lock talk."”
“The GUI is nicely laid out and easy to setup”
DJ TwoCities, USA
“It's simple looking and easy to use. The decks are assignable to different output devices.”
Niklas, Finland
“Extremely powerful and efficient. Easy to understand.”
“Easy to navigate and clean layout. Very easy to use. Support forum is brilliant too.”
Paul, Norfolk
“Very easy functions. Like the carts.”
Jason, London
“Like all of the features. The ease of use and the design of the interface.”
Bill, Glasgow
“Simple layout, doesn't crash, easy integration with existing media files. Perfect for our outside broadcasts!”
Kim, Bristol
“Clean, tidy, uncomplicated interface. Ideal for professionals and amateurs.”
Chris, New Zealand
“The drag and drop using touch screen is brilliant. They layout is pretty good. The segues / analysis by the software is spot-on. It was very easy to imports songs and get things up and running in a few minutes.”
“It's simple and straightforward to use. I have only had PlayIt Live for a couple of weeks and have really enjoyed using it and have recommended it to friends”
“I like it's Layout, Features, Flexibility & ease of use. I'm glad I found the software. The price can't be beat and the developer really does a good job with the support services. I'm sticking with his one”
Lawrence, California, USA
“Low learning curve for non-technical users.”
“Good layout, fairly intuitive, setting cue points on tracks is simple.”
Phil, Essex, UK
“Best radio automation”
JanSe, Germany
“I like the clear layout, flexibility of sound output options, ability to use at various levels of automation and that the functionality would generally only come with expensive software.”
Mark, London
“Free. Auto track analysis. 24/7 operation.”
Peter, The Netherlands
“Very easy to use, great range of features and sounds great on air.”
Luke, High Wycombe
“I purely love the simplicity in layout and operation. It's not top-heavy with unnecessary add-ons, modules, or plug-ins that can cause lockups. It's not "clunky" or "buggy."”
Tim, Northampton, PA
“I like the simplicity about it. Straight forward. Easy setup. Keep up the great work!”
Rick, Ireland
“I like the fact that it gives the option of using the either players or decks. The music policies and playout patterns are also easy to use.”
Jesse, South Africa
“I like the ease of use and the seemless segues”
Latone, Lake Charles
“I like the drag and drop options and great response time”
Latone, Lake Charles
“It does exactly what it claims to do - fully automated playback with playout policies and programs.”
“Easy and simple to use and set up, plays all common formats, which has been a deal breaker in other free products out there as i have a large collection in mixture of formats”
Brad, Queensland, Australia
“Good interface. Easy to use. Good user manual. It works and is free!”
“An affordable solution for charities like us.”
Ray, Inverness
“It's simple, easy to use and most of all: it's free”
Danny, Leipzig
“I like the way it has a simple, clean, uncluttered appearance. The way PlayIt operates is much like Myriad... This means my home studio feels like a professional environment. I also like the ability to map players to desk faders and keyboard control of software events.”
Trev, Telford UK
“Straightforward and effective”
James, UK
“Easy usage, plus option to play individual tracks or run automation. It's a brilliant piece of software.”
Alan, Radio West Middlesex
“The ability to add timed breaks etc is intuitive and visually accessable (at a glance i can see what's next in the playlist). The carts are good too and the ability to color them is great. The auto detection of silence is handy too. The ability to use the 'down arrow' at the end of each track is very useful.”
Reece, Australia
“Great software, user friendly, works better than every other type of software I've tried”
“I like the simplicity of setting up the clocks, scheduling and playout. I am totally taken with the graphical interface used to edit song segue characteristics. Very thoughtful and quite useful when dealing with a lot of music with tricky endings.”
Tom, Davenport, Iowa USA
“Easy to use, free download software”
“Simple but good layout, very straightforward”
Dirk, Maarssen, Netherlands
“Simple with advanced features”
James, Ipswich
“Simple and clean interface”
Jonny, Belfast
“I like the ease of use, clear layout, ability to edit playlists on the fly”
Matthew, Guildford, UK
“It's straightforward and simple to learn, quickly!”
Kelly, East Wenatchee, WA
“PlayIt Live is easy, quick and simple to learn.”
Terry, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
“It's quick and easy to use. It's what I was looking for, I'm an ex-ILR radio presenter and it does great to make a micro FM radio station from my shed with my young son. we broadcast on an FM micro-transmitter (bought in Tesco, it's used for in car to send phone to car stereo). I'm lucky to have found PlayIt Live on google. I like the features like the exact time marker and yeah, I'm pleased as you can tell.”
Ben, Cornwall
“It was very easy to install and use. I have worked with the most inexpensive and most expensive automation systems in the business. This software is comparable to those in many ways. Thank you for providing this wonderful product. Being able to create "MY" radio station from my music library is not only Awesome, but highly entertaining. PlayIt Live is great!”
J Y, Northern Carolina
“I like the Quick Carts and that I can color code and arrange.”
Benjamin, USA
“It's very intuitive, has all the right features, thank you!!!”
John, UK
“Very good and great transition between tracks”
Mike, Doncaster
“I like the clean interface, the simplicity and the fact it's not packed with useless features. Keep up the good work!”
“The PlayIt Live software is easy to use. I am able to use 3 sound cards, one for Cart and 2 for play out. Track loading is easy. The visual indication is excellent giving a clear indication of fade and time elapsed.”
Stevie Dee, UK
“I like all of the features, and how simple it is to set up and use. I did most of it without any reference to the help files.”
Mark, Nuneaton
“I like the fact that you can build and schedule clocks in mere seconds, the ability to output in low-latency ASIO, the lay-out, and the active community are just a few of many things that are great about this program.”
Daan, The Netherlands
“We like the fact that it's easy to use and the music transitions very smoothly into the next song.”
Thomas, Cookeville, TN
“I like the fact that I can load jingles in the carts...ease of us... And it's great that you keep in touch and ask opinions...”
DJ Lady Love, London
“I like PlayIt Live as it is simple to use and does not take much training”
Colin, Grimsby Hospital Radio
“Very easy to use, nice interface, love the scheduler”
Phil, Australia
“I like the simple interface and the fact that it is a live project with future developments based on what the user community would like.”
Ian, Pitlochry
“Very easy to use”
Jason, Oxford
“Friendly interface”
Martinho de Oliveira, Brasil
“Good automix and sound quality”
Matty, Outwood
“Very easy to use for someone who is not technically minded.”
Brian, Herne Bay
“Very intuitive, clean workspace, free to use and rock solid key features.”
Chris Thomas, Devon, UK
“It is very easy in use and has a simple yet effective interface”
Mart, Nijmegen, Netherlands
“Really simple and easy to get going for a one-off plug-and-play outside broadcast.”
Tom, Bridgwater, Somerset
“Much simpler interface and easy to use.”
Simon, Quebec, Canada
“It is straight forward to use, and have used it for theatre SFX and for a live Island Disc presentation also recorded, both very successfully.”
Andy, Dorchester
“Clear layout. Simplicity.”
“Very straightforward and simple layout. A lot of our presenters at our station are older...most people can start PlayIt Live and get a song playing in just a few seconds of using it which is great.”
Steve, Northwood, UK
“It's easy to use and very friendly.”
James, Middletown, NY
“Easy to use. User friendly interface.”
Nerissa, South Africa
“Simple and easy to use, has done a good job on our OB's”
Gareth, Salford
“Great support. Easy to create extensions without having to build/use a full blown development environment.”
Nadav, Israel
“Easy to use. I like the support for audio cards etc.”
Arie, Deventer NL
“Free and easy to use.”
Adrian, Bath, UK
“I like the drag and drop in the live assist mode and the quick carts let me trigger drops in an easy way. It's very intuitive to set up and run.”
Joshua, Anderson, SC
“It just works! Simple interface. I like the drag and drop usability.”
Daniel, Australia
“Easy to use, very little training required for non technical or computer un-savvy users.”
Jeff, London
“It is free, reliable, user friendly and perfect for what I needed it for.”
Joe, Ireland
“Simple interface.”
John, Hastings, UK
“It is a great, simple to set up and run software, very flexible for a free playout.”
Stu, Nottingham
David, United Kingdom
“Stable. Clean layout.”
Malc, Nottinghamshire, UK
“Beats the pants off everything else.”
David, United Kingdom
“I like the clock creation and segue analytics. Fixed time markers and break notes are great, too.”