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PlayIt VoiceTrack
Offline and remote voice tracking software
Windows is required to install PlayIt VoiceTrack. Download Anyway
Required Premium Modules
Premium Options


  • Voice tracking software.
  • Save time preparing your radio show.
  • Record voice links between songs and jingles.
  • Create custom segues with the segue editor.
  • Generate playlists from templates to automatically build up your show.
  • Mix down the entire sequence to MP3 or WAV format.
  • Access tracks and track groups already added to PlayIt Live.
  • Record voice tracks remotely into PlayIt Live and PlayIt Manager with remote voice tracking
  • Read our article showcasing the benefits of PlayIt VoiceTrack.
  • Affordable pricing, see below.
  • Free demo mode for evaluation.


Voice Tracking Module

PlayIt VoiceTrack requires the Voice Tracking module.

Save time recording your radio show by only recording the voice links between songs. Also enable voice tracking feature in PlayIt Live.


one-time payment option also available
(USD $400)



Main window.
Main window.
Segue Editor window.
Segue Editor window.
Mixdown window.
Mixdown window.
Manage Tracks window.
Manage Tracks window.
Select Data Source window.
Select Data Source window.
Settings window.
Settings window.

What do PlayIt VoiceTrack users think?

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“It does what it says on the tin.”
David, Agnac, France
“Saves hours in prep time.”
Phil, Sydney Australia
“Simple to use, flexible to fine-tune.”
Stuart, Moray
“It is a stable software”
Kofi, Anyage
“Simple, easy to use.”
Rupert, Worthing
“I like the simplicity and the capability of recording voice tracks with ease. The best I ever tried for online broadcasting.”
Pedro Marques, Portugal
“I like the ease of voice tracking, how close it is to the VT systems in on air systems, ease of use.”
Bill, Nova Scotia, Canada
“So far it seems fairly intuitive and the video on your website is very good.”
Richard, Pershore
“You can save time by pre recording your tracks.”
Vinny, Haynes
“It cuts down the time preparing my show.”
“I think it is very comprehensive, transparent and easy to both install and use.”
Bart, Amsterdam
“I think its great. I've worked with thousands of dollar broadcast software and this works just as well.”
Jeff, Las Vegas, NV
“Brilliant and easy to use, Looked at the video tutorial online then tried the demo version. Got on with its features immediately then ordered it.”
Andy, Essex
“Easy to edit/insert segues without having to recheck everything that follows.”
Andrew, Market Rasen
“I like the ability to use music library generated from PlayIt Live. True record playback and VT experience.”
“I like how you can hear and see the tracks.”
Ric, Des Moines, IA
“I like hearing the music tracks I am voice tracking and the ability to press play to start second track.”
Mickey, London
“It's simple and easy to use and reliable”
Ben, Plymouth
“I use PlayIt VoiceTrack to record shows for stations as a freelance presenter. It's simply the easiest and best I've used.”
Darren, Derbyshire
“Intuitive and not cluttered in its layout.”
Jeff, Teddington
“Excellent affordable / accessible pricing structure. Very easy to use. Everything just works.”
My Live School, UK
“Its simple to use, and I like the mixdown function”
Mark, Nuneaton, UK
“I like the ability to insert voicetracks in the playlist and being able to edit volumes of intro and outro of tracks”
“Very easy to use”
Ricky, Manchester, England
“Nice and easy to use, segue editor is great, rendering output to a file makes it very flexible”
Mark, Chesterfield
“It's simple to use and flexible.”
Adam, New Zealand
“It's easy to use - brilliant!!”
Adrian, Kettering, UKCMRadio
“It's very professional.”
Sammy, Taiwan
“I use this for producing a radio show for syndication. It is very easy to use, very intuitive. I absolutely love the two-tier playlist layout for viewing the waveforms (upper section) and for the arrangement for the files (lower section). The transitions are very smooth and the music flows very nicely in tandem with the voice tracks.”
“Very easy to use. Saves a lot of time.”
Steve, Norfolk
“Very simple to use...hardly any training required”
Paul, Manchester
“I have been looking for years for software that allowed voice tracking outside of a dedicated radio broadcast system - being able to assemble a show playlist and then insert voice-tracks and then mix down the show for uploading to MIxCloud and Libsyn. I have been radio broadcasting for over 10 years and previously prepared shows using various other audio recording software.”
Paul, Essex, UK
“Easy to use.”
Owen, Stotfold, Beds
“Your software is great, simply and user friendly”
Adam, Auckland, New Zealand