One-touch audio players
Play from a range of popular audio formats
including WAV, MP3, WMA, MP4 and FLAC
Drag and drop audio files
from the file system for convenient loading of tracks
Arrange carts in a grid with a customisable number of rows and columns
Configure an unlimited number of named pages
to organise audio into categories
Further classify carts with individual colours per cart
Operate players and controls using keyboard commands
Loop carts
useful for background music beds
Supports any sound card available to Windows
including professional ASIO devices
Compatible with touchscreens


What do PlayIt Cartwall Users think?

Very user-friendly...a DJ's dream!
Andy, New Hampshire
I like how easy it is to use.
Nick, Philadelphia
I like the ease of loading audio and that I can manipulate the number of columns and rows to meet my needs. This is better than a lot of the other options I've tried simply because of single-click playback. I like being able to change colors so that it visually is easy to pick the right button for the right story.
Erick, Hermiston, OR
Easy to use, set up and load carts.
Scott, Scotland
I like that I can program the buttons with my own music or sound effects.
Lonnie, Arlington, TX
I like the quick access to audio files. it works great for random announcements. Simple use, easy configuration, lots of carts, what more can I ask for?
Travis, Maine, USA
Simple and stable software.
Manuel, Austria
Easy to learn/teach, simple to use.
PlayIt Cartwall has replaced Jazler as the program I use to run my show. I like that Cartwall is comparable to the program and equal to the app they offer. The drag and drop loading even exceeds the capability of Jazler. Customization is a huge plus.
Flynn, Virginia
Easy to use with touchscreen.
Mickey, Cheshunt
I, and the kids who have been practicing with it, very much like the availability of a large number of carts on the screen at any given time. Also of note is the simplicity of setting up folders. As we have rotating news hosts each host is able to set up his or her own page which minimizes the potential for the errors encountered with multiple file selections.
Tom, Davenport, Iowa USA
Very easy to load carts, very easy to use with touch screen. Like the fact that even a long title can be fully displayed on the cart.
Jason, Pennsylvania, USA


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