PlayIt Software

We are launching a new product. It is called My Cartwall and it is a web browser-based cartwall that works across all modern web browsers on Windows, macOS and Linux.

It's currently in development but we'd love your feedback to guide its direction. Check it out at


  • One-touch audio players.
  • Play from a range of popular audio formats, including WAV, MP3, WMA, MP4 and FLAC.
  • Drag and drop audio files from the file system for convenient loading of tracks.
  • Arrange carts in a grid with a customisable number of rows and columns.
  • Configure an unlimited number of named pages to organise audio into categories.
  • Further classify carts with individual colours per cart.
  • Operate players and controls using keyboard commands.
  • Loop carts – useful for background music beds.
  • Supports any sound card available to Windows including professional ASIO devices.
  • Compatible with touchscreens.


Main view of the cartwall.
Main view of the cartwall.
Create multiple pages of carts.
Create multiple pages of carts.
Modify each individual cart.
Modify each individual cart.
Configure the grid and audio devices.
Configure the grid and audio devices.

What do PlayIt Cartwall users think?

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“Very easy to trim silence from start of tracks. Simple to use.”
“Easy to load carts and play them”
Chris, Waukesha, WI
“Cool and easy to use interface”
Robin, France
“It's easy to use, sounds good and has a nice clear screen.”
Ian, Penrith
“Easy to set up, easy to use, similar functionality of expensive software. Perfect for community station.”
Leo, Sheffield
“Very configurable, massive number of players.”
Graham, Surrey
“Easy to use. Fast to set up.”
“VERY easy to use.”
“I like the rapid/immediate access to chosen sound effects.”
“When you press play, it plays, everytime.”
John, Asheville, NC
“It's easy to use, easy to configure, looks great.”
Mark, Boston
“Awesome program!! Love the new updates.”
Elijah, USA
“Easy to learn/teach, simple to use.”
“Easy to import files and create multiple cartwalls. Free licensing is great for operations with little to no budget.”
“It is really intuitive, and with small effort you can do very much with it. It fulfils its purpose more than it should.”
“Easy to find and play a track, fading out on demand if required. Especially good when lots of different tracks are required in quick succession. It just works!”
Jonathan, Cambridge, UK
“Simple to use.”
Greg, NY, USA
“Ease of use...drag n drop....1 touch play and fade.”
Kyle, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
“Very easy to setup and use.”
Johnny, Los Angeles, CA
“Very easy to use.”
Terry, Technican
“Works great with touchscreen laptops.”
“It's simple to use and reliable.”
Gerry, Ireland
“Very easy to use, fades out smoothly, has re-definable colours and additional pages. It's perfect!”
Andrew, Sydney
“Very user-friendly...a DJ's dream!”
Andy, New Hampshire
“It is easy to use and has a clean design.  I like that I can make pages, tables and rows, the loop and solo function and color tracks,”
Terje, Kristiansand, Norway
“Easy to use with touchscreen.”
Mickey, Cheshunt
“It's very user friendly.”
Eric, Ireland
“Simple to use.”
“Easy to use - really simple.”
Andrew, East London
“Easy to use.”
Johan, Hilversum, NL
“It's easy and simple.”
Phil, Salzburg / Austria
“Simple drag and drop.”
Escapades, France
“It is a great piece. Works very well.”
Mihai, Germany
“I like the play status timers, being able to customize the interface and its stability.”
Lee, New York
“I like the amount of carts I can fit on one screen.”
Anthony, United States
“It's for free!”
Basti, Cologne, Germany
“Nice and easy.”
Garry, Hertfordshire
“Easy to use, set up and load carts.”
Scott, Scotland
“I use PlayIt Cartwall with pupils in a primary school. It's so simple!”
Pierre-Olivier, France
“Easy to use. Clear design and fast.”
Adrian, Lincolnshire
“I like that you can design every part of the individual players, as well as the colour of them. The drag and drop is also especially helpful. I also love the touch screen support.”
Gavin, Uithoorn, Netherlands
“Easy to program and easy to use, best of all it's free!”
Jeff, Conway
“It has différents colours, and it's very easy for use on tactile screen!”
Patrick, France
“It's good that the items fade out on stop, this makes crossfading items easier.”
Steve, London
“I like how easy it is to use.”
Nick, Philadelphia
“We are using PlayIt Cartwall for sound effects during a amateur theater production. I enjoy the fading out at the end of each sound, I can use two sound at the same time.”
“Totally customizable!”
Fabrice, France
“I like being able to specify the number of slots on a page as well as the pre-determined fade times and the solo / non-solo function.”
Cliff, Crawley
“I love that the number of rows and columns can be customized, and that it's pretty much drag and drop. The interface is simple, uncluttered, and does what you need it to.”
“I like the carts layout refit to window size, carts reordering, customizable number of carts, fast start of samples (low latency).”
Peter, Poland
“I like about everything in this software, it fits perfectly at what i’m looking for. Easy to use, to understand, drag & drop (you also can reorganise your carts, drag & move ^^ ), the colors, the editing function, keyboard shortcuts, audio outputs, auto save, multiple cartwalls, ...”
Yann, Poitiers, France
“Best one I have found. Nice and easy to use and fast”
Nigel, London
“I like the flexibility of the amount of carts, colours and labelling. Also like the cue in feature and the simplicity of click to play and click to fade.”
Joey, Vancouver
“Simple. I like the re-sizable buttons and layout.”
Scott, Illinois
“Light, not heavy on my PC. I like the drag and drop feature”
Mark, Fire Online Radio
“It's perfect! - It goes hand in hand perfectly with PlayIt Live and VoiceTrack. Works beautifully with multi-monitors”
Darren, Derbyshire
“PlayIt Cartwall gives me a great resource to load bumper music and interview sound clips and access them with ease.”
Charles, United States
“Very easy to use. Easy to configure.”
Joey, New Orleans, LA
“What I really love about PlayIt Cartwall is that even if the PC shuts down during a power failure or malfunction, the program comes back up in full with all Jingles Ids and Ads or programs as was at first. Nothing gets lost WoW! This amazes us.”
Steve, Dominica
“It does a lot of things that you would normally pay a premium for so it was a no brainer.”
John, Dorset
“Easy to use, straightforward interface, it works fine!”
Scott, London
“I like the simple design and easy controls.”
Jacob, Tamworth
“Very light, switch to other pages fast and easy and the ability to trim the audio files.”
Cosmos, St. Lucia
“Very easy to use, default settings are great and works superbly”
Ralph, London
“Just beautiful, simple and easy of use.”
Leon, Hereford
“Easy to use. Simple to set up.”
Daniel, Hertfordshire, UK
“Simple. Versatile. Very easy to use with the ability to change out audio cuts quickly in our radio newsroom”
Jeff, Hermiston, Oregon, USA
“I like the quick access to audio files. it works great for random announcements. Simple use, easy configuration, lots of carts, what more can I ask for?”
Travis, Maine, USA
“Ease to use; simple interface and operation”
Stu, New Zealand
“Easy to use and set up, simple display access, viewing and colour coding. Does absolutely exactly what I want it to!”
Neil, Oxford, UK
“Easy to use. I like the drag and drop and the ability to play multiple formats of audio.”
David, Texas, USA
“I like the ability to customize my clips with colors.”
Dustin, Buffalo, NY
“Simple to use. Flexible.”
Iain, Derby
“Easy to use, there really is no comparable software out there.”
Brad, Seattle Area
“Simple, does what it says and does it well.”
Ken, London
“ It is stable and a very useful tool not only for our live radio stations but also for live event like conferences and awards for playing sound bites, stings and stabs.”
Mark, Wrexham, UK
“It's quite adaptable in terms of how many carts you can have on each page, that's very useful”
“I like the ease of loading audio and that I can manipulate the number of columns and rows to meet my needs. This is better than a lot of the other options I've tried simply because of single-click playback. I like being able to change colors so that it visually is easy to pick the right button for the right story.”
Erick, Hermiston, OR
“Easy to use, reliable, nice GUI”
Thomas, Georgia, USA
“I love the simplicity of PlayIt Cartwall !”
Billy, UK
“It's free and easy to use. Our budget was non-existent. For instance, the studio remodel that preceded the first live show was kept to about $77 minus labor. We actually removed the legs from a small table and mounted two hand-me-down mics and booms to the table top, along with a 4-port headset unit. This created a portable studio. Without Cartwall, we would have had to use Windows Media Player. Cartwall's user friendly and simple layout also eliminated a lengthy learning curve.”
Alston, Virginia
“Fast, easy, and very reliable”
Roger, Oklahoma
“The best thing I found was how simple it is. Setup and playing cues are extremely easy to figure out”
Davis, Calgary
“It's simple, plays FLAC files and easy to use.”
“I like the fade out function, keyboard short cut editor”
Luis, Portugal
“Easy to use, customisable, reliable.”
Phil, London
“I use it to play jingles and promos on my radio show. I use it with a touch screen monitor. I like how you can change colour of jingles so you can find them easy. Being able to change the number of columns on a page is useful. Adding pages makes it easy to keep jingles separate for different stations.”
Martin, Essex
“Love the format, it is resizable and very easy to use. Love the countdown.”
Jeffery, Sarasota, FL, USA
“Very easy to use and set up.”
“Easy to load songs into the cartwall.”
Brian, Port Moody, BC, Canada
“I like the ease of use. Drag and Drop simplicity.”
Phil, Sydney, Australia
“Easy to setup and use. Colour coding buttons is very useful.”
Steven, North East UK
“I like the ability to select the output hardware is something you can´t have even in "pro" paid software, when you hit the stop button there is a fade, great thing. You should hear what i do for my radio show in Mexico.”
Omar, Hermosillo, Mexico
“I like that I can program the buttons with my own music or sound effects.”
Lonnie, Arlington, TX
“I like the big buttons (good for touch pads and monitors), the animated buttons showing the elapsed time of the sound file, and the possibility to start the cart from a specified point - not only from the very start of a file.”
Jacek, Raciborz, Poland
“It is flexible and easy to program!”
Mikel, Oregon
“Lots of space in the cart - I previously used SoundCart, but that only had 12 cue spaces. Also that it is free software and generally very easy to use.”
Rebecca, Woodlands Community College, UK
“PlayIt Cartwall has replaced Jazler as the program I use to run my show. I like that Cartwall is comparable to the program and equal to the app they offer. The drag and drop loading even exceeds the capability of Jazler. Customization is a huge plus.”
Flynn, Virginia
“I, and the kids who have been practicing with it, very much like the availability of a large number of carts on the screen at any given time. Also of note is the simplicity of setting up folders. As we have rotating news hosts each host is able to set up his or her own page which minimizes the potential for the errors encountered with multiple file selections.”
Tom, Davenport, Iowa USA
“So far, I like the ease of installation and getting up and running within an hour. When teaching the younger members of our team, they picked it up quite quickly.”
Cliff, North Yorkshire
“I like the usability of it”
James, Marshall, MO
“Simple to use, easy to load each cart.”
Andrew, Bury St Edmunds
“Simple, intuitive, responsive”
“Several carts, settings and shortcuts parameters. Very useful to create a personal environment that suits my habits”
Aurelien, Paris, France
“Very easy to load carts, very easy to use with touch screen. Like the fact that even a long title can be fully displayed on the cart.”
Jason, Pennsylvania, USA
“I like its simplicity and how easy it is to configure. And I also love the added features in the latest release being able to assign keys to fire these.”
Mark, Nuneaton
“It's easy to use and the layout is really organised. A pleasure to use.”
James, Bristol
“Simple and stable software.”
Manuel, Austria
“It works well and due to the high end sound card support it always plays even on a slow computer (no stuttering). I like the ability to colour the carts.”
Duncan, London
“I like how you can click and drag on audio files and place them where you want them. I also like how you can add multiple pages.”
Jason, New Mexico
“Great looking interface, easy to use”
Mike, Liverpool
“A breeze to use… Top stuff”
Phil, Australia
“I love the multiple pages, easy to drag and drop, color codes. I use it daily on my radio shows!”
Tim, Ohio, USA
“It has amazing functionality for quick play of elements during my internet live stream (not-for-profit)... from music to sound bites. I am a radio professional by trade, though PlayIt Cartwall I use for personal use at home... it functions fantastically well.”
Jay, San Diego, CA
“It's very easy to use”
“Nice big buttons…being able to colour carts is good”
Nigel, Herts, UK