One-touch audio players
Play from a range of popular audio formats
including WAV, MP3, WMA, MP4 and FLAC
Drag and drop audio files
from the file system for convenient loading of tracks
Arrange carts in a grid with a customisable number of rows and columns
Configure an unlimited number of named pages
to organise audio into categories
Further classify carts with individual colours per cart
Operate players and controls using keyboard commands
Loop carts
useful for background music beds
Supports any sound card available to Windows
including professional ASIO devices
Compatible with touchscreens


What do PlayIt Cartwall Users think?

Very easy to use.
Terry, Technican
Easy to use, set up and load carts.
Scott, Scotland
I use it to play jingles and promos on my radio show. I use it with a touch screen monitor. I like how you can change colour of jingles so you can find them easy. Being able to change the number of columns on a page is useful. Adding pages makes it easy to keep jingles separate for different stations.
Martin, Essex
So far, I like the ease of installation and getting up and running within an hour. When teaching the younger members of our team, they picked it up quite quickly.
Cliff, North Yorkshire
Totally customizable!
Fabrice, France
It is flexible and easy to program!
Mikel, Oregon
I like the ability to select the output hardware is something you can´t have even in "pro" paid software, when you hit the stop button there is a fade, great thing. You should hear what i do for my radio show in Mexico.
Omar, Hermosillo, Mexico
Lots of space in the cart - I previously used SoundCart, but that only had 12 cue spaces. Also that it is free software and generally very easy to use.
Rebecca, Woodlands Community College, UK
I like about everything in this software, it fits perfectly at what i’m looking for. Easy to use, to understand, drag & drop (you also can reorganise your carts, drag & move ^^ ), the colors, the editing function, keyboard shortcuts, audio outputs, auto save, multiple cartwalls, ...
Yann, Poitiers, France
I like how easy it is to use.
Nick, Philadelphia
I like the big buttons (good for touch pads and monitors), the animated buttons showing the elapsed time of the sound file, and the possibility to start the cart from a specified point - not only from the very start of a file.
Jacek, Raciborz, Poland
Easy to use.
Johan, Hilversum, NL


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