One-touch audio players
Play from a range of popular audio formats
including WAV, MP3, WMA, MP4 and FLAC
Drag and drop audio files
from the file system for convenient loading of tracks
Arrange carts in a grid with a customisable number of rows and columns
Configure an unlimited number of named pages
to organise audio into categories
Further classify carts with individual colours per cart
Operate players and controls using keyboard commands
Loop carts
useful for background music beds
Supports any sound card available to Windows
including professional ASIO devices
Compatible with touchscreens


What do PlayIt Cartwall Users think?

I like the ease of loading audio and that I can manipulate the number of columns and rows to meet my needs. This is better than a lot of the other options I've tried simply because of single-click playback. I like being able to change colors so that it visually is easy to pick the right button for the right story.
Erick, Hermiston, OR
Very light, switch to other pages fast and easy and the ability to trim the audio files.
Cosmos, St. Lucia
Ease of use...drag n drop....1 touch play and fade.
Kyle, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Easy to use.
Johan, Hilversum, NL
Love the format, it is resizable and very easy to use. Love the countdown.
Jeffery, Sarasota, FL, USA
Simple to use.
What I really love about PlayIt Cartwall is that even if the PC shuts down during a power failure or malfunction, the program comes back up in full with all Jingles Ids and Ads or programs as was at first. Nothing gets lost WoW! This amazes us.
Steve, Dominica
It's easy to use, easy to configure, looks great.
Mark, Boston
I like the ability to customize my clips with colors.
Dustin, Buffalo, NY
Simple, does what it says and does it well.
Ken, London
Very configurable, massive number of players.
Graham, Surrey
It is easy to use and has a clean design.  I like that I can make pages, tables and rows, the loop and solo function and color tracks,
Terje, Kristiansand, Norway


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