Programme audio recordings with the easy-to-use interactive schedule
Start recordings manually using the Quick Record button
Record to WAVE or MP3
Clean up recordings
after a specified number of days or when disk space is running low


What do PlayIt Recorder Users think?

Simple and can be up and running very quickly. You can Schedule recording times and lengths and can have more then one thing recorded at the same time.
Oliver, Harrogate
Simple, easy to use. Not too resource heavy.
Richard, Scotland, UK
It does it's job and is free.
James, Newcastle
I like its easy to use and friendly gui, file naming system, Great piece of software. got the all the features that other competitive developers are selling for the price of 0$.
Sethsiri, Sri Lanka
Great recorder.
M vd stokker, Holland
I like the scheduler that is with the PlayIt Recorder software and the user interface.
Callum, Salford
Scheduling is accurate.
WR van der Maewe, Potchefstroom, SA
It's free. It's simple and easy to use.
Vladimir, Serbia
Stable, works 24/7, easy to use
I like the easy, useable interface.
Mike, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Simple setup. Comes back up and automatically starts and records after reboot. Can give show names to easily find audio
Cameron, Durban, South Africa
It works well and saves in multiple levels of fidelity
Todd, Hammond, LA


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