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PlayIt Recorder
Scheduled audio logger
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Version: 2.02 (Build 528) - 25 October 2020
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  • Programme audio recordings with the easy-to-use interactive schedule.
  • Start recordings manually using the Quick Record button.
  • Record to WAVE or MP3.
  • Clean up recordings after a specified number of days or when disk space is running low.


Main view.
Main view.
Programmes list.
Programmes list.
Drag and drop style schedule window.
Drag and drop style schedule window.
Configure the application from the settings window.
Configure the application from the settings window.

What do PlayIt Recorder users think?

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“It’s easy to schedule the recordings and great piece of software.”
Mark, Derbyshire
“Easy to use - REALLY EASY!”
Chris, York
“Simple to use, reliable.”
“Great recorder.”
M vd stokker, Holland
“Easy-to-use, flexible filenaming, variable bitrate. Oh, and free, which helps for a station with zero budget.”
Pete, Southend-on-Sea
“Easy to use, reliable.”
Joshua, Wisconsin
“It is free. Simple to install and to use.”
Stefan, Goirle
“I like the simplicity! Particularly the calendar view for scheduling, and the fact that it can pad the start and end of the audio file. I love the flexibility in file naming. I really love this app!”
Timothy, London, Ontario, Canada
“Easy to use and set up.”
Mark, Launceston,Tasmania, Australia
“It's free!! Easy to use and the music logging is solid.”
Matt, Australia
“Nice simple interface. simple operation and it appears to work well.”
Rob, Australia
“I like the easy, useable interface.”
Mike, Newcastle Upon Tyne
“The scheduler works very well.”
David, England
“Simple setup. Comes back up and automatically starts and records after reboot. Can give show names to easily find audio”
Cameron, Durban, South Africa
“I like the ability to set schedule up for recording week to week.”
“It's super simple. Scheduled recording makes it easy to find recordings. I like the custom file names.”
Rongomai, Wingellina, West Australia
“The scheduler is very easy to use.”
Andre, Brasil
“It is easy to use and has a friendly interface”
Trystan, Waterford, Ireland
“It does it's job and is free.”
James, Newcastle
“I like the ability to schedule in hourly chunks (handy as we only need to record a handful of hours a week). Lots of options re. recording formats and file names.”
Pete, Essex
“Able to schedule multiple recordings/programmes at the same time. It uses a small amount of processing.”
Chris, Coventry, UK
“It just works!”
Andy, UK
“I like the scheduler that is with the PlayIt Recorder software and the user interface.”
Callum, Salford
“It seems very stable and it's not complicated to setup and use (like some other programs). Support responses are in good time as well (when there's an issue/query).”
LJ, Staffordshire
“It's very effective and easy to operate. The quality is never sacrificed, and it operates quickly. It does exactly the job we want it to do, it does it well, and you can't ask any more than that.”
Robbie, Derby
“Simplistic, dependable and reliable, free too!”
George, Ipswich
“Simple to setup and very user friendly. Never crashes!”
Daniel, Ireland
“It's so simple to set up, once set up you can walk away and leave it do its thing.”
“Clear and easy-to-use scheduler. Efficient recording. Easy to add exceptions.”
Mark, Canada
“Automatically breaks the recording into blocks”
“You can schedule in and it will automatically stop/start recordings”
Sandeep, Newcastle upon Tyne
“I like you can programme in an entire schedule to be recorded and not have to worry about looking at it again you know it'll record in the background and that you can have multiple simultaneous recordings where shows cross over.”
Hullfire Radio, Hull University
“I like that I can create multiple recording events each day, and can make them repeating.”
John, New York City
“So simple, easy to use”
Mike, UK
“Easy to download and uses standard sound utilities of the computer and not a propitiatory sound card that is no longer supported by our current logging system.”
Mark, IL, USA
“Simple and can be up and running very quickly. You can Schedule recording times and lengths and can have more then one thing recorded at the same time.”
Oliver, Harrogate
“The interface is very clear. I like the possibility to manually record snippets if needed.”
Daan, The Netherlands
“"We wanted a simple non complex single channel logging recorder with automatic 41 day delete. Runs from line in (so we can playback to check presenters operation) records hourly segments has a reasonable cost & doesn't have 16 channel multi task multi setting / recording ability & other damn stupid attachments we don't need costing $300 plus! Thank you”
Peter, Warragul, Victoria
“Was easy to set up and ran continuously in one hour slots for 70 hours+”
Ian, Colchester, UK
“I like its easy to use and friendly gui, file naming system, Great piece of software. got the all the features that other competitive developers are selling for the price of 0$.”
Sethsiri, Sri Lanka
“It works well and saves in multiple levels of fidelity”
Todd, Hammond, LA
“Intuitively simple! Appreciate your making it available…”
“It's so easy to use”
Chris, Epsom
“Stable, works 24/7, easy to use”
“It's easy to use, very straight forward.”
Jens, Denmark
“I love that it's possible to set bleed time, our shows often start a minute or two before or after the schedule. I also like that it's easy to set up, and the calendar function works great.”
“Works well, creates files of manageable size.”
“Quick and easy, naming files is easy.”
Steve, FL
“Fairly easy to navigate, simple lightweight application. The ability to automatically date files is a big plus.”
Mark, WV
“Easy to use. Does what it promises to do!”
Dimitris, South Australia
“It is really intuitive and the scheduler is very straightforward to use”
Scott, Crystal FM, Penicuik
“Very powerful. Lots of options for automatically labeling files, scheduling recordings on a wide variety of rotations, saving in a wide range of sample rates.”
Hugh, Access Manawatu, NZ
“Easy setup, very lightweight, and able to pick up recording even after from a reboot makes this a must for any and all archival recording.”
Peter, Los Angeles, CA
“It is fast to install and to get up and running. It has a core function of recording and is extremely reliable, it has never missed a beat.”
Daniel, Tamworth
“After trying many different free and paid alternatives, PlayIt Recorder was a godsend. It does exactly what it says on the tin and requires hardly any set-up. Even the most technophobic person will find this recorder a snap to use. Start recording straight away in both raw and MP3 formats without having the arduous wait to convert it after recording. 5 out of 5 stars!”
Christopher, Málaga, Spain
“Everything works a dream”
Nigel, Herts, UK
“It's free. It's simple and easy to use.”
Vladimir, Serbia
“Simplicity and efficiency at your fingertips. A fantastic piece of software.”
Tony, Cape Verde Islands
“It is amazing, and I love the way the whole system works!”
“I like the ability to schedule a recording. We broadcast a football game every Friday, and this makes it easy for us to record the game each week, and upload the MP3 to our Dropbox account automatically.”
Derek, Kansas
“Easy to use.”
Chris, Adelaide
“It's free – very useful for a community station with limited funding.”
“I like the simplicity and ease of use.”
Jonathan, Reading, UK
“Scheduling is accurate.”
WR van der Maewe, Potchefstroom, SA
“It does everything I need. The best thing is that you can name the audio.”
Oliver, Harrogate
“Works well, is automatic.”
Jordan, DC
“Simple, easy to use. Not too resource heavy.”
Richard, Scotland, UK
“I like the simplicity and reliability of the program, the way you schedule programmes.”
Greg, Johannesburg
“Perfect software for recording compliance logs for my radio stations. Easy to set up, and has worked perfectly where other programs have let us down in the past.”
Warren, Belfast