Programme audio recordings with the easy-to-use interactive schedule
Start recordings manually using the Quick Record button
Record to WAVE or MP3
Clean up recordings
after a specified number of days or when disk space is running low


What do PlayIt Recorder Users think?

Simplicity and efficiency at your fingertips. A fantastic piece of software.
Tony, Cape Verde Islands
I like that I can create multiple recording events each day, and can make them repeating.
John, New York City
Was easy to set up and ran continuously in one hour slots for 70 hours+
Ian, Colchester, UK
I like the simplicity! Particularly the calendar view for scheduling, and the fact that it can pad the start and end of the audio file. I love the flexibility in file naming. I really love this app!
Timothy, London, Ontario, Canada
"We wanted a simple non complex single channel logging recorder with automatic 41 day delete. Runs from line in (so we can playback to check presenters operation) records hourly segments has a reasonable cost & doesn't have 16 channel multi task multi setting / recording ability & other damn stupid attachments we don't need costing $300 plus! Thank you
Peter, Warragul, Victoria
Quick and easy, naming files is easy.
Steve, FL
I like the ability to schedule in hourly chunks (handy as we only need to record a handful of hours a week). Lots of options re. recording formats and file names.
Pete, Essex
Everything works a dream
Nigel, Herts, UK
Automatically breaks the recording into blocks
It's free – very useful for a community station with limited funding.
Simple to setup and very user friendly. Never crashes!
Daniel, Ireland
It's easy to use, very straight forward.
Jens, Denmark


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