Programme audio recordings with the easy-to-use interactive schedule
Start recordings manually using the Quick Record button
Record to WAVE or MP3
Clean up recordings
after a specified number of days or when disk space is running low


What do PlayIt Recorder Users think?

Easy to download and uses standard sound utilities of the computer and not a propitiatory sound card that is no longer supported by our current logging system.
Mark, IL, USA
It is really intuitive and the scheduler is very straightforward to use
Scott, Crystal FM, Penicuik
It does everything I need. The best thing is that you can name the audio.
Oliver, Harrogate
Easy to use and set up.
Mark, Launceston,Tasmania, Australia
Fairly easy to navigate, simple lightweight application. The ability to automatically date files is a big plus.
Mark, WV
It's so easy to use
Chris, Epsom
After trying many different free and paid alternatives, PlayIt Recorder was a godsend. It does exactly what it says on the tin and requires hardly any set-up. Even the most technophobic person will find this recorder a snap to use. Start recording straight away in both raw and MP3 formats without having the arduous wait to convert it after recording. 5 out of 5 stars!
Christopher, Málaga, Spain
The scheduler works very well.
David, England
It works well and saves in multiple levels of fidelity
Todd, Hammond, LA
It does it's job and is free.
James, Newcastle
Simplicity and efficiency at your fingertips. A fantastic piece of software.
Tony, Cape Verde Islands
"We wanted a simple non complex single channel logging recorder with automatic 41 day delete. Runs from line in (so we can playback to check presenters operation) records hourly segments has a reasonable cost & doesn't have 16 channel multi task multi setting / recording ability & other damn stupid attachments we don't need costing $300 plus! Thank you
Peter, Warragul, Victoria


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