PlayIt Software


Download - v1.12.2.1299 - 03 Sep 2016
Manual and automated playout system. Ideal for live DJs or station automation.
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Download - v1.00.1.59 - 31 Aug 2016
Save time recording your radio show. Record only the voice links and mix in the songs and jingles.
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Download - v1.04.0.145 - 07 Mar 2016
Automate and schedule audio recordings. Ideal for radio station audio logging.
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Download - v1.01.2.179 - 08 Feb 2015
Standalone grid of one-touch audio players. Ideal for playing jingles from a touchscreen or separate monitor.
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Download - v1.00.2.278 - 09 Aug 2016
Remotely manage and synchronise PlayIt Live data.
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The PlayIt Software project aims to provide radio software to everyone.

The software is developed and supported by one individual, Jason Allen, incurring personal costs.

Please show your appreciation and help to continue the development of PlayIt Software by making a donation.

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