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Soft Delete
I'd like to have the ability to right click on an item and soft delete it. The item stays in the log, but won't be played. The reverse can be done to activate the song again. Good feature when presenters have to change the hour timings and songs played. Please vote.
Comment on this feature request:
Adam Lewis commented Wed 2 Aug 2017 20:37
This is feature which some of the commercial applications have and would be very useful.
Joe Bly commented Sun 26 Aug 2018 20:38
For items with expired kill dates, it would be great to have a full delete as well. Maybe make soft/hard deletes part of the left-click audition window?
Peter Naughton commented Sat 23 Mar 2019 04:17
@Joe - I think having delete right on the log could be trouble for some setups. Maybe not a concern if you're the only person using the software, but when I worked in radio, we had a staff of 3 full-time jocks and a handful of part-timers for weekends. While we didn't use PlayIt Live, our software did not allow users to delete tracks right off the log. You wouldn't want to risk someone deleting something they shouldn't. The extra step of having to go into track management isn't entirely foolproof either, but because it's so deliberate, it cuts down on the chance of someone deleting something by mistake.