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Improved Rescheduling
As it stands making a change to a clock is a bit of a hassle. If we make a change to clock that is scheduled at the moment we have to remove the future scheduled occurrences of the clock and the reschedule them. It would be really nice if this happened automatically, or there was a button which would automatically unscheduled and re-schedule all future occurrences of the clock. It can be a rather tedious job un-scheduling rescheduling all the clocks and if you change a clock but then don't reschedule it playit falls back to the playout pattern.
Comment on this feature request:
Tom Altigieri commented
I find this difficult as well. If I want to add a show that will now take over my 4:00 slot on Thursdays, I currently need to remove all occurences of my "rest of the day routine," fill in my hour with the new clock, and reschedule around it. The ability to delete "this and future 4:00 hour" or "this and future Thursdays" would be ideal!


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