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How about to customize the fonts, track group colors like for jingles, commercials and music. That's it for now. lol, Great Piece of Gold here btw. thanks for the software
A dark theme is available from PlayIt Live 2.00. Track group colours can be customised since 1.13. There are no plans to allow customisation of the font.
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Hy Candescent commented
I would also like the ability to change the overall color scheme. For instance, I find the light-color background hard on my eyes (and prone to burn-in on certain monitors). It would be great to select a darker shade here. Thanks! :)
Tim Newton commented
Would be great to have a reversed colour scheme so it's bit easier on the eyes. A darkish grey background with white and bright colour text would be a lot easier to work with for longer periods.
Ron Ackerman commented
Jason Allen commented
There are no plans for fully customisable skins, but there are plans for a dark theme in a near future version.


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