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Song Requests
I'm sure this is something a programmer like yourself could knock out in a few hours. A simple song request addon. Tied to a station website and/or standalone app.
Comment on this feature request:
Robert Lowe commented
That is a great idea! Even better idea would be if it could automatically insert the songs into the playlist, even when PlayIt Live was in full automation mode and not live assist. Maybe have voicetrack protection so that a request wouldn't make the voicetrack inaccurate between songs. Or maybe just a regular "play request next" type cue. For example, have it rotate through a track group prior to the request track.
Rich Clewes commented
radiodj and sam kind of feature
jay aubrey commented
Rich Clewes that would would great if playit had a request system like sam and radiodj but it don't
Jason Allen commented
No standard radio licence (certainly in the UK) will let your listeners directly influence what songs are played. From PPL UK: "...licences do not cover the following services or activities: Interactive services such as those where users can rate tracks or artists to influence the frequency or order in which they are performed..."
jay aubrey commented
oh come on guys we need this sort of plugin for playit live the software is nothing, lonely without a song request feature. it needs something like radiodj's requests or station playlists's requests..........if someone is a really good coder they could have it up and running in no time
Mark Hawkins commented
The more I think about this, the more complex it becomes. Clearly you don't (in most cases) want a direct "jukebox" style request queue but the feature for a listener to influence song rotation has existed since people sent a letter in to a request programme. That kind of "influence" would seem OK even given the position of PPL (which is trying to differentiate "Radio" from "Spotify" or similar services). Ignoring for the time being any licencing issues to do this would require an export of the song database and then a web page or service which would offer the database suitably presented and then generate a request message (perhaps email). PlayIt Live would then need the ability to ingest these requests (perhaps with other social media interactions) and offer future schedule items in "Live Assist" or rotation items in "automation". By no means impossible but not what I would call simple.
Ron Ackerman commented
I don't think inserting the request right into the playlist is a good idea. But a button that opens a list of requests and requester so the DJ can then add the song would be better.
Ron Ackerman commented
Maybe the button could display the request count as well.
jay aubrey commented
sorry old post i know but yes i totally agree with ron, but as far as email goes no.
Jonathan Arias polgatiz commented
very good idea, I really need this function!
Rich Clewes commented
i know this is old but still a good feature. the listener requests a song via the website and then displays a request light which then puts it in the songs list under a folder called website requests that displays the song and the person requesting name.
Ron Ackerman commented
My current set up is using a website (Wordpress) with anonymous guest post. Then it sends the request to Discord. Discord is connect to the website to show me the song request in order. So I can see the requests in three different location. Yes! It's a workaround but works for me.
Marc Littlewood commented
Station playlist has this feature and is implemented well and is simple, our station is heavy on the promotion of requesting peoples favourite songs so, for us this is a deal breaker, so please implement this!


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