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Remote Deck Start (Serial COM port)
In live assist mode I would like to have deck start controlled remotely by serial com port switches, so I can just hit a switch to start the deck playing instead of having to use the mouse/touchscreen
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maz zam commented Thu 11 Apr 2013 09:35
Keyboard F keys remote start would be good.
Dorian Pearce commented Tue 6 Aug 2013 15:18
i would rather it be keyboard then deck start
Duncan James commented Wed 28 Aug 2013 08:18
I have been using the Hot Keys plugin for live assist with added quick carts, this works well until, as in my setup where I am running multiple applications on the same computer. As soon as Platyit is no longer the active window the Hot Keys don't work (expected). Some other method of control would be better eg. game port buttons or a standard interface card like BCX and DAC Cartwall use.
Duncan James commented Mon 20 Jan 2014 12:21
I have solved my own problem. I am using a free program called AutoHotKey. Now when I press any key that is a Hot Key function in PlayIt, AutoHotKey makes PlayIt the active window even if it wasn't before. So that way the PlayIt Hot Key function always works. I am using a plug-in USB number keypad with colour coded keys for the various Hot Key functions I wanted to use in PlayIt
patrick BAILOT commented Fri 27 Feb 2015 14:45
A midi controller interface would be great !!
Mark Hawkins commented Tue 28 Jul 2015 11:42
This would be a very useful feature. Arguably both a MIDI controller and the more conventional joystick port (even when USB emulated) trigger for a player.
Ron Ackerman commented Thu 13 Apr 2017 19:16
It should be like start/stop auto play. The stop would stop at the end of the current song playing.
Jason Allen commented Thu 11 Jan 2018 19:41
I've created a discussion about this on the Slack group. Please join the discussion there:
Paul Lowman commented Tue 20 Mar 2018 05:41
I fully support ... as I have posted elsewhere: Midi - so we can use an external midi device to trigger the cart wall and players. It would be nice if the midi device follows the color of the cart wall. USB kit so that we can do fader starts
Peter Belbin commented Thu 31 May 2018 19:59
I'd like an OSC command message able to start, so that another system or application can trigger both player and mixer automation.
Jason Allen commented Fri 8 Jun 2018 01:51
Support added for MIDI devices as part of the new Remote Start plugin: