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Stream audio source to pass metadata from the incoming stream, also to be processed "like a music file"
At the moment, in live assist, it is possible to have a live stream as a scheduled item. This stream could, for instance, be derived from a second setup of PlayIt Live in a different location. The second (remote) PlayIt Live could embed "now playing" metadata in the stream but the first (studio) PlayIt Live would play the audio but ignore the "now playing" information in the stream it received. It would be better if a stream could at least have the option of passing incoming metadata. Also there isn't currently a way of fading in and fading out the stream. Ideally it could be set to fade like a music file. Taking the concept a little further, any channel processing (compression etc.) should also be applied to the stream. Also, to make junctions "neater" some form of "buffer and level detect" process could be used. A stream could be silent (say less than -30 dB from peak) and be discarded, when the level is higher the stream could be considered to have started and would then run for the scheduled time. This would allow the remote source to "clock start". With this implemented PlayIt Live would allow handovers between multiple live presenters to be neat.
Comment on this feature request:
Tom Altigieri commented
I seriously second this. I had to write my own application to do this in the interim.
Mark Hawkins commented
@Tom, I assume that you wrote an application to bridge the metadata. How did you do that ?
Tom Altigieri commented
@Mark Find me on Facebook. I'll send you the link. Probably should not post it not sure
Mark Hawkins commented
Thanks Tom. I’m the one person in the world who doesn’t have a Facebook account. I didn’t like the look of it when it became popular and subsequent events seem to have supported my view! The Slack Group would be a good place to discuss how you bridged the metadata.
Josh Hornsey commented
Tom, could you send me it please?
Mal Williams commented
Hi Tom, could I possibly have a copy of it