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Add a music scheduler to go with
Add a music scheduler or the option to work from an external scheduler. Stationplaylist Creator or similar
"Available since PlayIt Live 1.13 via Manage > Playout Log > Import..."
Comment on this feature request:
Jason Allen commented
Importing logs from external programs will be available in PlayIt Live in the future.
Kelly Hart commented
Steve Cannon commented
Tried Music1. Uses an old clock style system.Very dated. Prefer Stationplaylist Creator or DPS
Bert Schilder commented
Yes please! An import from a third party scheduler would be welcome, even when there would be charged something for it!
Jason Allen commented
With the vast array of possible formats to import, which formats do you most need to be able to import?
Steve Cannon commented
M3U playlist format which is used on SPL. Or include an ability to edit the playlist created by Playit in the new Playit Manager as another solution?
Jason Allen commented
PlayIt Manager and PlayIt Live both support editing the playout log after it has been generated by the scheduler. PlayIt Manager supports remote access so this can be done outside the studio if this is required.
Dave Mac commented
I use StationPlaylist Creator which exports in standard M3U. It's an excellent scheduler for the money and if it could merge playlists with PlayIt Live, it would give me the whole package.
tony wilding commented
So many to chose from, some of the more affordable alternatives include Music 1 or Station Playlist Creator (used both the latter extensively in UK radio) Both based around clock formats (as most tend to be). Both will warn of any conflicts when scheduling, Creator can be set to ignore, last time I used (4 years ago) Music 1 needs correcting during the scheduling process.
Mark Huber commented
I use Natural Log and Music and would be great to be able to import from there into PlayIt Live. Natural Log and Music has a lot of different export automation filters, be nice if one worked with Playit Live.
Mark Huber commented
WOW! This comment was posted in 2014 and it is now 2019 and this still hasn't happened? "Importing logs from external programs will be available in PlayIt Live in the future." When will the option be put in to import logs from Natural Software?
Jason Allen commented
Hi Mark PlayIt Live can import logs in a specific format which can be found in the documentation. Natural Log can export in a wide range of formats and supporting each of these would be excessive. Please feel free to submit examples of the formats you are exporting from Natural Log to [email protected] and they can be considered for the future. As you can see above, this feature is considered Closed so please feel free to create a new feature request for something more specific.


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