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Web Broswer Version - Connect to playitlive studio/sever
It would be great if you had a broswer based application that simulates the PlayitLIve desktop version that sends the commands back to the studio/server so that poeple can present live remotely and would make voice tracking easier. This would mean you could give presenters a login and they can present from their home using a web broswer, decent mic and something like clean feed to tak the live audio back and forth to the studio/server. This is now being done with Myriad 5 Anywhere and PlayoutONE adn various others.
“This is available since PlayIt Live 2.14”
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Ethan Thaper commented
This would be a great feature to have. Especially through lockdown, my station used PlayIt and had to mainly VoiceTrack instead of doing live shows. We would've, ideally, liked to have live shows and something like a Web Browser version of PlayIt would've worked massively. Perhaps it could be like Myriad 5 Anywhere where it simulates the playout software etc. Defiantly something that would love to see implemented in the future!
Tim Deckgeneral commented
Yes post COVID this feature is a must on modern software


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