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Event or Scheduler
It would be good to have a event scheduler with the program. Most of the radio automation softwares provide this function, where in you can schedule events like auto start, auto play, commercials, timed events, auto clearing and loading of playlist, play songs from particular category or group every xx mins/hrs etc.
"Playout clock scheduling is available from PlayIt Live 1.06 onwards. Event scheduling is available from PlayIt Live 1.15 onwards."
Comment on this feature request:
Dorian Pearce commented
Great idea!
Charlie Stone commented
This could also be useful for forcing a news bed to play if your news comes from an external feed such as Sky News Radio
Callum Coleman commented
This would be perfect!
William Bridger commented
Please Do. We need this it will help our Station!
Chris Deacon commented
Would be ideal for small stations
Nick Bundgaard commented
It will be just Perfekt,,and impotant tools and the Only thing i can see missing in this amazing software,, Keep up the great work ;)
Bob Romonosky commented
This is the feature that would make the package perfect for commercial radio. We need to be able to create and store a log that would allow the system to run in auto for 24 hours with out human interaction and play whats programmed and not by making random choices. This log need to be loaded automatic at the 00:00:00 hour each day. With this update the software would be perfect for commercial radio. Great job.
Ahmed Irshan commented
i cant find the schedule clock plugin or i cant schedule in playit live,,, please help
Gerard Morrison commented
Great Idea
Harry Holmes commented
Great idea


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