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alternate library source
Yesterday, our NAS went offline, taking our signal off the air, as PlayIt Live was unable to pick up any tracks. I'd like to see a backup library option where PlayIt Live will switch over to look for tracks in an alternate location, like a separate external drive hosting a mirror of the primary library in case the primary library location goes offline. So, if PlayIt Live was unable to pick up a track location that is saved as Z:\library\track.mp3, it could switch the drive letter to look on the alternate drive: X:\library\track.mp3.
Comment on this feature request:
Joe Bly commented
...and there would be no need to change the existing metadata.
Dennis Smalbrugge commented
Just set offline access for the mapped network drive in windows and it stores a copy locally on the computer incase the network drive is offline but keeps them synchronised as well.


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