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MP3/WAV export ("MixDown") of upcoming hour in PiL
much like you can Export (i.e. "MixDown" via MP3 or WAV) from a Project in PlayIt VoiceTrack, being able to export the Audio from an upcoming hour of the LOG in PlayIt Live would be helpful. The audio export of an upcming hour is especially helpful for: a) a remote DJ has VT'd an upcoming hour and mgmt needs to review it quickly PRIOR to air. b) the station/PiL instance needs to be offline for whatever reason so having an MP3 of what WOULD be one the air to play would be very helpful.
Comment on this feature request:
Kyle Scott commented
+1 - this is benefical for maintenance/windows updates etc. The VT'd hour with tightened segue etc can be played from a production PC to the desk whilst main playout is maintained/rebooted etc.
Steve B commented
In RCS Zetta you highlight a contiguous section of the log (from start item to end item) then select a menu option to export audio. It does a 'mixdown' like VT and outputs the entire selected log area as one audio file. It is very useful if we have to restart the playout computer or perform maintenance on the Zetta server or network infrastructure, as we can then play the exported audio on another computer into the mixing console while the main playout computer is rebooted.
Lee Prouse commented
You have this feature in PlayoutOne and Zetta to my knowledge. It is very useful when compiling a show that you need to send to a station. You compile it in the station log and then mixdown the hour to .mp3 or .Wav which you can then send to the on-air station which can schedule to playout on their playout system. For the time being I will have to continue using my existing software that enables me this feature until I make a decision on changing my playout over to PlayIt. The free download has enabled me to test it anyway and it definitely has potential.


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