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History Tab
If PlayIt Live is to be used for Live Assist,surely a "History"of played tracks ,(say..a tab over in the tracklist area) , would ASSIST the DJ to back announce the tracks he had just played? Leaving them free to organise coming tracks etc
"From PlayIt Live 1.12 it is possible to scroll the log to any point in the past and future"
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Jason Allen commented
Hi Glenn, Live Assist mode currently shows the 3 most recently played tracks at the top of the Log screen ( http://docs.playitsoftware.com/PlayItLive/109/Live-Assist-Mode.html#id_4 ). Alternatively you can see the most recently played tracks by going to Manage > Logged Tracks... ( http://docs.playitsoftware.com/PlayItLive/109/Logged-Tracks-Window.html ) Is this sufficient for your needs?
Glenn Dean commented
Thanks for the quick reply. For the situation i envisage using Playit Live the DJ's usually play 4 or 5 tracks in a row. I guess your alternative method is usable, but the "Kiss" principle tends to apply here, as the users of this program are all the wrong side of 60 years old.


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