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Play Count Tracker
Most radio stations can track down how many times a certain track has been played, not like in the logged tracks, but more of a number off to the side of the music track would be perfect if you could add it to PlayIt Live!
"Track Play Analysis in now available in PlayIt Live 2.06"
Comment on this feature request:
Jason Allen commented
Hi Nathan Please could you explain why you need to see how many times a track has been played?
Nathan Myers commented
Hey Jason, I think this would be very helpful to determine how much airplay certain songs receive. I have a Top 40 format, and this would be very helpful for me to determine what song is ranking farther up in the airplay, and it would also be helpful for a year end chart I would love to do! Also, most radio automation systems carry this in their software, although, none of them that I have tried are free, which makes your program my number one choice to use, and also due to how easy it is to use the PlayIt Software, but I think it would be a nice addition to the software for users like me with the Top 40 format, or any format to tell their listeners what song is ranking up higher thank others, especially now since we can connect to internet stations through PlayIt Live now!
Mark Hawkins commented
In the library this would be useful in a couple of different ways. One for wide format programmes where a low level of repetition is good, the other for some kind of easy "chart" measurement.
Maximillian Desoto commented
Yes, this would be useful also to see if your Track Group is being properly rotated. I have a single-artist Track Group set for 3 hour title rotation, and I see songs that have last played times of 2, 3, 5 up to 18 hours ago and some with no last played date.
Peter Naughton commented
I'll agree, this one can be useful. I'm a former radio DJ and I now do weddings. I don't do "beatmixing" so I prefer radio-style software over programs like VDJ and such. I recently decided to move from another program to PlayIt Live... and in the process, I decided to do a complete overhaul of my music library for the first time in several years. The old program kept a running play count for each track, and when I ripped the database to a spreadsheet, I was even able to sort by play count. Made it very easy to determine which tracks I could get rid of, since they had never played, or maybe once or twice. (Mostly tracks where I bought a whole album, even though I only needed one or two tracks immediately, I figured good to have the rest just in case.) I also am sometimes asked which songs get played the most. So having a feature like this could be very handy. Especially if the track list could be ranked by play count -- whether looking at all tracks or by category. There are times when I might be looking for ideas and drawing a blank... being able to see top tracks would be a big plus.
John Buck commented
Yes, a play counter would be awesome! It seems some songs get a lot more play then others of the same artist, but hard to tell unless you manually looked at each hour/day/. This would help track any problems or issues.
AJ McKay commented
I agree with the others. I would love to be able to track the "play history" of each song. As a former Terrestrial radio guy, it would be nice to be able to make sure certain songs aren't being played too often or not enough. Would LOVE the ability to track that.
Gordon Sharpe commented
I'd like to see this sort of feature too but mainly to make sure all tracks are being played equally. There are times when I hear a track played 2-3 days in a row yet some other tracks don't seem to get played at all. Maybe it's just me. Having said that, I just looked at current set of tracks being played. Some show they have been played as recently as 5 hours ago, from a database of 18,000+ tracks. Many other tracks don't seem to show the last played info, the only place I can find this is in the live playlist, click a track to expand it and it's shown there, sometimes.


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