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A teaser option would be helpful to add to Playit Live. Something that would feature a certain amount of audio from an audio track that can also be mixed with a jingle. So if it is your TOH you can say 'coming up this hour on...' and mix the songs in between a certain amount of sweepers/jingles you want it to be between.
"Hook sequences are now available in PlayIt Live 2.11"
Comment on this feature request:
Robert Lowe commented
You'd have to mark hooks on each track, just like the intro and crossfade on each song. That cannot be automated and you'd have to do that for each song (unless there was a complicated algorithm which would send he prices soaring too high). The Teaser feature could randomly pick a certain number of songs or have an option to configure it to pick a user-defined number of songs. It could be configured to choose one song from each quarter hour, one song following a certain element in the clock (user defined as a hard break, soft break, remote URL, voice-track, etc), the ___ item following the clock element (hard break, soft break, remote URL, voice-track, etc), or one song from each song category or from three random song categories. Then follow it up by scheduling it to segue into a jingle file.
Michael Gocool commented
This would be a great feature to add. I am currently using two automated playout systems with teasers feature that works effortlessly. One system does not rely on setting the "Hooks points" but does its best to anticipate them. I use this feature on TOTH. COMING UP IN THE NEXT HALF HOUR... - SONG ONE 3 secs - TRANSITION SWEEPER (Record Spin) - SONG TWO 3 secs TRANSITION SWEEPER (Record Spin) - SONG three 3 secs - STAY TUNED, COMING UP, Etc
Jason Allen commented
Hi Michael What systems have you used that have this feature?
craig ryan commented
Myriad has this feature, basically there you mark the start of the preview and the end of a preview. And user a command say from the next x number of track pick 3 and play preview normally with something in between not something used as much in Uk now a days sadly
Mike Cullen commented
I prefer to do this kinda thing manually using Adobe Audition, takes a bit of time, then just put it into your cartwall as a coming up cart.
Charlie Stone commented
The feature in Myriad is called a Hook. You set up hooks in every song and the system will automaticly cue a Hook. Ours is "All These, and more still to come.." Its great feature, PlayIt not having it is the only reason we use Myriad full time and not PlayIt
Ian Maddock commented
sound a lot like the Auto-hook used in Myiad. with myriad you can set it to play the next 3 hooks in order, next 3 reversed or 3 random from the same hour. The downside is though each audio track has to have a hook set though (a few selected seconds from the track). Still, it's a great feature to have & gets a vote from me.
Darren Perrin commented
Simply put, we call them 'hooks'. And I've been asking for this for ages.. Keep voting folks!!! :)
Joe LaBarbera commented
this would be a great feature to have
Néo Radio commented
Good idea ! A lot of system have this feature like Radio DJ or Mairlist, it play "HOOKS" only and insert fx or sweeper
eric debusschere commented
very good idea
Carl Waring commented
That's properly called a 'hook'; but yes please.


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