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Ad Manager
Being able to just schedule an ad break in clocks at certain times & say how many times to play an ad every day/week/month/year.
"This feature is now available in PlayIt Live 2.04 and PlayIt Manager 1.09"
Comment on this feature request:
Peter Noble commented
Yes I would find this useful as more advertisers come on
Lewis Mcadam commented
This would be a great feature
Adam Lewis commented
This would be a great feature, especially one which could generate a log to prove transmission.
Dave Perry commented
+1 on the ads played export
Raymond Hernandez commented
This is an important feature for most broadcasters
Ralph Turpen commented
This is a primary concern if I want to schedule programs or spots to run thru the day.
Rich Clewes commented
Fingers crossed this happens
Jason Allen commented
This is planned for later this year and will be a premium paid-for module.
TardeDesportiva TardeDesportiva commented
Só no final do ano, ainda falta muito tempo!
Sam Arkell commented
This would be very useful.
Tamara Sedgbeer commented
seve playlist playit v
Mike Sutcliffe commented
It makes itt a complete program, especially with some of the free traffic software out there for the small broadcaster
Patrick L'heureux-Gagne commented
Yes please it would be really appreciated
Claudious Nharo commented
Yes for us it's necessary for our station. We are commercial so an Ad Manager is the best tool we would require. Actually the absence of an Ad Manager made us look for an alternative playout.
Ross Dimitrov commented
It definitely needs this
Adam Lewis commented
This would be a great addition. Especially the ability to print a log proving transmission dates and times.
Joe Bly commented
We use Natural Log for ad tracking. It would be fantastic to have ad/slot feature, especially if you could open an API access so that the underwriting people can schedule ads.
Jeremy Styninger commented
Don't forget kill dates to keep out of date adsfrom playing.
Jeremy Styninger commented
And generating a proof of performance log for billing.
Ladislav Urbanek commented
any info about this? Thanks
Jason Allen commented
Hi Ladislav. This is currently in development.
FromeFM 96.6FM commented
Would be happy to have it as a premium plugin. We currently use Advert track groups with Playout policy's with in the click build which works but it's a bit random for paying clients.
João Machado commented
Very important in a Pro Software!!!
x x commented
This will be very useful
Conrad Arnold commented
yes please as live 365 require me to play 4 mins per hour
Jason Allen commented
This feature is now available in PlayIt Live 2.04 (beta) and PlayIt Manager 1.09 (beta)


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