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The ability to streams as tracks
I love the new ability to play streams from within playIt however I believe most users (us included) will be playing from the same streams over and over (eg a news stream) It would be nice, to be able to add a "new track" and instead of uploading a file insert the stream details. Ie name the track news, enter your news scream details. The "news" track would appear in the tracks list like normal tracks but would play from the stream. This would mean a user could play the news without having to know the stream details.
Comment on this feature request:
Mark Hawkins commented
It would need to be a fixed duration event (I guess) or at least able to have a duration but that would be neat.
Mal Williams commented
It doesn't even need a duration tbh. just allow the stream track to play for as long as it likes until the next Hard hour marker. But how would the stream update? it has trouble now making sure its where it needs to be in a stream. I vote for saving a stream file instead of making it a track file