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News (AUX input)
create a stream for the news to be used on the station
"This feature is now available in PlayIt Live 2.01"
Comment on this feature request:
Jason Allen commented
Hi Ryan Please could you clarify what you mean by a stream? Is this an internet stream to a news feed - can you provide an example? Thanks, Jason
Reece Abbott commented
Hi Jason, this would be a great idea so you could stream FSN or radio news hub in via URL
Andrew Tijou commented
It would be nice to be able to open a line in on our soundcard to take the news from Sky News Radio (via an external satellite dish) at specified times.
Carl Waring commented
Re Andrew's comment above; I'm sure I've suggested this before :) Would be nice to have it implemented.
Ian Topsy commented
I was just looking at the same thing, an Aux input for live news feed every hour would be good (example from Sky News Radio (via an external satellite dish) at specified times.
Robert Lowe commented
Basically PlayIt would be compatible with a broadcast switcher. I've used a system before where a switcher plugged into the USB port and the computer would send commands to the switcher. In turn, the audio could be run from the switcher and plug into another line-in port on the sound card. A lot of the setup would be more to do with the hardware than the software. PlayIt would just have to be able to communicate with the switcher (send commands at preset [scheduled] times or by clicking a button) and recognize another audio source.
Julie Green commented
Line in for news Sky/IRN feed. This is a must have.


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