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Broadcast Plugin: Quick switch for Internal/external
Nextgen Prophet among other "top dollar" programs have an easy mouse click to switch between Board Dead (Internal "PlayIt Live Main Mix") and Board Live (any other external input source) mode. This allows you to easily walk away from the board and know that some clown (or toddler) isn't going to move faders and affect the sound. Even if the AUDIO signal can't be switched by itself without dropping the stream, automating the switchover to a single button click that goes to internal mode quickly is FARRRRR faster than disconnecting the stream going to the drop down, selecting the new device, and then reconnecting. That process could be put on a single button click that automates that task and knocks your "disconnect" time down to half a second or less. Obviously if the plugin could be modified or re-imagined to allow an audio device switch without having to disconnect, it would be ideal. I know that this task is easier done by Prophet because all they have to do is flip a set of relay contacts, but it would be really nice to see this in the software domain as well.
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