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Time Announce
Hi, would be great to have a Time announce feature, with the ability to program it @ fixed time.
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Alessio Mancarella commented Mon 6 Mar 2017 19:14
It would be great if the time announce feature supported both a standard combination of hour + minute (as in "it's four..."-"...thirty-seven") and hour&minute-specific announcements (e,g, "It's seven o'clock" or "it's one minute to six") which would overwrite the standard hour + minute composition only where present.
Robert Lowe commented Fri 12 May 2017 22:17
I used a system like that one time. The time announce would generate the files five seconds before the event. It would rotate through a general file bank "The time now..." or "It's..." followed by the hour and the minute (at :00 it would say "o'clock"). Then there's the hour-less time announcements that would say "it's twelve minutes..." or "it's quarter past..." followed by "the hour." The file banks were saved in a special folder on the computer, and when it came time to generate the file, it would check the system clock and grab the corresponding files. Maybe, if there is a function to add a time announce event to the clock with an "hour-less option"?
Raymond Hernandez commented Fri 29 Dec 2017 21:40
This would be a huge feature
Raymond Hernandez commented Fri 29 Dec 2017 21:40
You could have your station voice record all times and system would handle playing right time file
Julio Brito commented Sat 17 Feb 2018 12:46
This is the unique missing feature in the playit software.
Samuel Hunt commented Sat 17 Mar 2018 11:05
I have managed to get around this by making a PHP script that puts the MP3 files together, and then this gets put into Playit as a URL. Not the tidiest way of doing it, but it works
Fabio Soares commented Wed 16 May 2018 02:21
We really miss this feature and unfortunately we will give up PlayIt Live to replace ZaraRadio ... It is very characteristic in Brazil's educational radios to regularly give time announcements. It's really a shame.
Steve Martin commented Sat 28 Jul 2018 16:35
I would like this feature as well as temperature announce feature. E.G., Station Playlist features. Thanks!
Steve Martin commented Sat 28 Jul 2018 16:35
I would also like time and temperature announcement features. Thanks!
Phil Harris commented Fri 1 Feb 2019 16:03
For us, just a simples pip system for on the Hour and Half Hour. Copy of the Spanish system!