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Allow integration with Stream Deck for playing sound clips
I stream a lot, and having a streamdeck now, it would be nice to be able to use this to control PlayIt Cartwall. Alternatively, being able to set key-binds on buttons, so that the streamdeck can translate the keypresses to activate the sounds.
Comment on this feature request:
Mark Phillips commented
Can't this already be done in the settings?
Dan Batcup commented
So, yes, Keybinds are a thing, however, instead of needing keybinds for all buttons, to have an integration with Elgato Streamdeck, so that you can select a cartwall button and activate, rather than having 200 keybinds for certain sound effects.
Ron Ackerman commented
I too now have a Stream Deck and it would be nice to have better integration besides hotkeys.
DJ Specs commented
This would be awesome!


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