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Changing the song pitch.
A few of the big play out systems in the market (such as NexGen) have a 'set song pitch' setting which you can speed up the pitch of the music... 1 or 2% is all you need (anymore and it's ridiculous). Pitched up music gives the station sound a boost of energy and tempo :) Thoughts? Dave
Comment on this feature request:
Dylan Doughty commented
Yes I’d like this too
Peter Naughton commented
As a wedding DJ, my previous software could do this and I used it often to try to cram in an extra song or two over the duration of a reception. The slightly-faster pace also seems to get more people dancing. I've just migrated to PlayIt because there are so many things better about it, but I will miss the ability to give each deck that tiny bit of pitch increase.
Randy Edwards commented
I would love to be able to change the pitch (up to 2.5%), either for a certain group or individual tracks. I currently have CD players that can change the pitch or tempo.
Noah Bliese commented
This would be an amazing addition!!!


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