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Midi Control Support
Playit Live is now a fantastic piece of kit and just getting better and better, MIDI support would be the next step for me, adding the ability to MIDI map my Novation Launchpad to carts and/or player etc would be perfect. Thanks again for all your hard work Jason
"Available in the Remote Start plugin"
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Stu Ritchie commented
Loving the work on Playit Live, truly amazing, but still looking for this support, is it possible?
Jason Allen commented
Hi Stu, I'm intending this to be available as a plugin at some point. There is, however, global keyboard support for PlayIt Live. If you can find an application that can map MIDI commands to keyboard key strokes you could replicate this functionality. Jason
Jason Allen commented
Support added for MIDI devices as part of the new Remote Start plugin: https://www.playitsoftware.com/Plugins/View/RemoteStart


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