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M3u play list
Been able to play an m3u play list
"Available since PlayIt Live 1.13 via Manage > Playout Log > Import..."
Comment on this feature request:
Nikolay Lazarov commented
Yes! I really want to be able to import m3u playlist.
Chris Thacker commented
Yes would love this as well as the ability to make playlists as well for different gigs and genres
Kyle Hey commented
I really would love for the m3u feature to be added.
Wesley Silas Barbosa commented
It will be very good m3u and also if the system could reproduce the right time
Wesley Silas Barbosa commented
System very good / good, congratulations to the developer
Joseph Wareing commented
All my playlists are m3u it would be great if its included in your software programme Thankyou.
Jason Allen commented
Joseph, this is already available via Manage > Playout Log > Import
Ferry Rademaker commented
Jason Allen commented Thu 8 Feb 2018 01:37 Joseph, this is already available via Manage > Playout Log > Import Its available in live but how to open in VT??
Jason Allen commented
This was a feature request for PlayIt Live. This feature is not available in PlayIt VoiceTrack. I'd suggest creating a new Feature Request: https://www.playitsoftware.com/Support/FeatureRequests


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