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Custom Skins for Play-It-Live player
I really would like to be able to edit with the color of the 'skin' of the Play-It-Live player. Nothing fancy. Just basic colors of Black, grey, red, blue, purple, green, various shades of color...etc.
A dark theme is available from PlayIt Live 2.00. There are no immediate plans to enable any further changing of colours.
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George Aitchison commented
Colours are fine, but i'm not sure how tacky it would look. If you can't give us a full palette, I'd be happy with a light, med and dark skin.
Ric Mauk commented
I agree a charcoal grey would be nice and easier on the eyes
Robert Lowe commented
Personally, I think the color palette is very professional looking. However, it can fatigue the eyes after being in front of it for hours. Here's an example of a muted color palette that would be helpful: