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Duplicating Shows
We want to re-run shows later in the week. The current method of recording the show is very labour intensive and doesn't allow any editing of the original show. We'd love to see an option where a cart can refer to another show and play it automatically so it would be possible every week to re-run the show from Tuesday night on a Sunday afternoon for instance. Ideally we would like the option to allow us to go back into the original show and change a couple of links if needs be to make it more topical and also correct the odd ,mistake. SPL has this type of functionality and it proved extremely useful
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Ron Ackerman commented
This is already possible. In the playout log, click the 3 dots above the hour of the show you want to copy. Select the hours of the show (3 hours) click export and save. Then go to Manage>Playout Log and click Import. Select the file you saved and select the date and time theI import. You should be able to go back in time by clicking the Calendar Icon on the Playout Log.


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