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To Save a Playlist
Hello, I'm searching for a plugin or feature, so I can save my playlist. I want to save my playlist. So when I start the programm at the next day, I want to load this playlist. So I have not to place my tracks again. Thank you!
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Chris Thomas commented
I've noticed Plait Live creates a play log as audio is played out. It also imports PlayIt logs, right? I'm wondering if it might be possible to pre-load the drag n' drop area, then save that audio list in order as a log without hitting the play button?
Ward Weis commented
Export & Import playlists could also be a nice option (solution) w
Adam Lewis commented
This would be really helpful!
Peter Noble commented
Is there a way of printing a log for presenters, that are remote and just record links for me
Travis Farmer commented
I too would love this feature. i am just beginning with an internet radio station/live podcast type of thing, and it would be very helpful if i could setup the program as i would like it played, and save it. then simply load it up when i am preparing to go live, and have it run the program when i hit the play button.
Joey Mas commented
This would be awesome! - Love the software BTW!