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Start/kill date for promos and specific reccuring time schedule
Can I please ask the you build in a start and kill date into the track editor. This would certainly help when scheduling promos etc as sometime we only want them to run for a certain time. Also being able to schedule them to play at a specific date and time (and repeat for the week etc) would also be handy without having to manually load into the clock.
"This feature is now available in PlayIt Live 2.05 and PlayIt Manager 1.10 using Valid From and Expires fields on Tracks"
Comment on this feature request:
marziye doustabady commented
date and time shamsi
Rick Mamonski commented
Great idea, especially promoting a live OB's
Adam Lewis commented
This would be a very useful addition.
Joe Bly commented
This is a great idea, especially if you pair it up with ad/underwriting slots.
Chris Ark commented
Would love to have this... Would take the small amount of ad buy I have much easier!
João Machado commented