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Out-Side Source (URL input)
This would be good so you can in-port a LIVE Stream like a different radio stream to make it play at a time. So like if you have a presenter at a different station it will then play it on your station too.
"Available in PlayIt Live 1.14 as remote URLs"
Comment on this feature request:
Dhiru Patel commented
I would like to see different radio station Example LBC Radio as good as internet radio.
Paul Buckle commented
Be very handy if you take a live news feed or an outside source :)
Mark Hawkins commented
How this is implemented would have a significant effect on how useful it was. In the simplest case a clock start and end where the stream fills a gap if it is there. Better might be silence detection on The stream but a timed end.
Richard Niblett commented
We would need this in order for us to use this as our main play out system. We currently bring in a number of live shows from external studios and much as I like the software, we cannot function without his feature
Richard Niblett commented
Agree with Marks comments, the ability to schedule a live stream at a preset time for a fixed duration, Silence detection required to advance to next item in playlist when stream ends or if it fails.
Tim Newton commented
Another request here for the feature. We need to play Radio Thailand news at particular times (by law) off a URL feed. As it is we'll have to do a fiddly 'work-around' with Windows Task Scheduler.


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