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Automation Of Stream Start/Finish At Prescribed Times
To enable playout to start and finish automatically at set times so that no user input is required. This would be a valuable addition to the programme for me as I am required to stream shows from other stations through our own radio stream and need to be at my computer for the start and also the end of a show to allow the next presenter onto the stream.
Comment on this feature request:
Gary Staff commented
This would be a fantastic feature - if a presenter is sick or holidays. We can either play a recent recording or s pre recorded show. We hope this becomes a feature as we think it will be s great selling point.
John Potter commented
Yes I agree Gary....this is a feature that PlayIt's software rivals have and I feel is a fundamental part of this type of programme and should be included. Thanks for your support on this!!
Mark Hawkins commented
I see what the objective of this is although it possibly isn't the best method of doing this (ideally the streaming service would play out whole recorded programs).


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