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Time Adjustment to wllow for Internet delay
When using a stream or server there's always a delay from sending audio from PlayIt Live to the listener hearing it. A useful option would be to have PlayIt set up to play say 10 seconds before real time, so a segment set on the clock schedule for 1400 starts at 13:59:50 or whatever the setting is defined as. That could mean that shows go out at the actual time they are scheduled, instead of suffering the delay caused by the various hops and skips in the path. Just an idea, but this happened to me today - the clock on the PC playing the audio was 13 seconds ahead, so a show starting at 1400 actually started at 1400 ! The time slip could either be a fixed 10 seconds on or off or a time entered by the user, allowing the forward movement to be flexible ? This could perhaps be part of the Internet Broadcast plug-in...
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Peter Naughton commented Mon 25 Mar 2019 14:45
Network latency can vary from one user to the next. Timing everything to run 10 seconds early might work perfectly for you, listening to your own stream... but it might not work perfectly for others who may be farther away, or using slower networks. The number of "hops and skips in the path" between your streaming server and each listener can vary. If you're in the US, chances are good you've got some radio stations owned by iHeartRadio nearby. Dial one up on your radio, and then get their stream running on a computer. For good measure, go ahead and run the stream on your phone as well -- using your cellular data, not WiFi, so it's on a different network than your computer. You'll probably notice that the phone and computer are both delayed behind the over-air signal, but the delay will differ between them. Keep in mind, iHeart is the largest radio operator in the U.S. They already have many of their studios set several seconds ahead of real time to accommodate broadcast "dump delays" (in case someone curses on the air), and they also have live satellite-fed top-of-hour news services and syndicated programs (Elvis Duran, Delilah, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ryan Seacrest, etc.) which backtime even further, to accommodate for the delays of the stations, as well as the lag time associated with the satellite feed. If *they* can't figure out a way to make sure everyone listening to an online stream hears everything at the exact same time, nobody can.