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Delete 2 Songs Ahead and Locking of Log
I propose to get rid of the loading 2 songs ahead and the locking of the log, it would be much more stable. where to start. if a Remote URL were to drop for whatever reason. because its locked whatever else is in that hour or till theres a hard hour marker, because it loads 2 songs infront in the players it loads the news in jingle and the news in the other two players from the hour that has the hard marker. So if the stream were to drop sometimes it gets confused and instead of playing the next two items in the log, it plays the new hard marker hour which it should ignore till that time. Not sure why it blocks other items anyway it blocks them with a sort of no entry sign. because without it blocking it will still run smoothly it will still jump to a hard hour marker at right time wherever it is in that log. Also the 2 songs ahead issue still happens when it does work properly. because it checks 2 songs ahead it nulls the next Remote URL in the log so it plays 2 songs before it checks a URL is there, missing one URL link out when scheduling several URL links in an hour. So I propose getting rid of 2 songs ahead issue as it doesn't need to do that till nearer the end of a song and even then maybe 1 song ahead. and stop it from blocking/locking the rest of the log it would run more smoothly
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