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To be able to bulk move Playout Tracks from a scheduled date to another future date
As a radio dj, this would be so useful if you have loaded up a show to broadcast and for some reason you are unable to broadcast on the scheduled date but wish to move the show en bloc to a later date, rather than starting the whole loading process again on the new show date.
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Peter Naughton commented
I was going to post something similar -- would be great if you can click one element on the log, then hold down the shift key and then arrow down to select as many other items as you like -- and then either cut/copy/paste to another point in the log, or click and drag the entire block of elements to another point in the log. Perhaps a right-click after selecting everything would allow for "Export to M3U" as many others have requested, and then you could use PlayIt's existing M3U log import feature to place those tracks at your desired location.
tony cattani commented
Great Idea
Mark Hawkins commented
Peter's proposals sound very useful.