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Show closest play for songs in log
Was wondering, after a song is dragged from tracks to the log, if there's any way (maybe when you left-click to see intro/comments) to also include the last and/or next time the song played or is/was scheduled to play. Or maybe something that would alert me if I drag in a song that violates the policy (ie. no repeating the same track in X number of hours), like the song changes color or shows a "warning" icon. This might even be useful for people who DO use autoscheduling to see when their policies are too restrictive (ie. don't repeat for X number of hours, but there aren't enough songs in the category for PlayIt to honor the policy). As a wedding/event DJ, I schedule all my songs manually (not using the auto-scheduler or any external scheduling program). In the software I used prior to switching to PlayIt Live, the font size for the queue was smaller and there wasn't as much space between songs, so you could see a good 2-3 hours (or more) of the log at once... it was easier to make sure I didn't accidentally double-schedule anything. I love the look of the PlayIt Live log window, but can only see a portion of the upcoming hour, so it's harder to catch duplicates. At my first event using PlayIt this weekend, I had the same song scheduled twice, about 2 hours apart... luckily I caught it in time to remove it before it played for the 2nd time, but it would be great to catch things like that earlier. Thanks!
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Jason Allen commented
Hi Peter, The last played date/time (if played in the last 24 hours) is shown by clicking on the item and expanding it
Peter Naughton commented