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Full screen mode
A full screen mode woud be great, and absolutly loving the dark theme. Great piece software.
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Elroy Heesbeen commented
without the light browser, i thought the same ;-) yeah, i love the dark theme to. or maybe in the future the tracks on the player with digital text title/artist like on a watch…
Rick Mamonski commented
Yes much better on the eyes, especially when pulling those 4 and 6-hour graveyard shifts and can't believe that most of the places I have worked at are paying top dollar for On-Air software that only half as good, very happy with it.
Rich Clewes commented
I'd love this feature
Darren Perrin commented
Full screen, only unlockable by admins, would save people from using resources and surfing the net on a play out machine
Rick Mamonski commented
If you could also display a station name at the top of screen, maybe in the notification window, would be a nice touch.
Ladislav Urbanek commented
fullscreen will be nice!
Ellie O'Brien commented
I love the idea of full screen! Easy on the eyes. Protip: A strip of black electrical tape across the top give the same effect. Just remove for file-menu and re-attach. Yep I do this. :D
Black Shadow commented
or add station logo/name...


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