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Add default message option to Now Playing plugin
To allow the Now Playing plugin to have a default message (e.g. station name or tag line) for when no songs with useful track information are playing (e.g. adverts or imaging).
Comment on this feature request:
Mike White commented
(I deleted my first comment & am reposting to make my thoughts clearer) For the love of everything, this. Not every third party program allows setting the default through them, and many third party programs break if the file is blank.
Darcy Roulston commented
Would love this! Using PlayIT at a commercial level and having being able to update rds to Station Name And Frequency would be awesome
John Anthony commented
would like this
Jack Doyle commented
I created a PowerShell script that invokes a TCP listener, then configured the Now Playing plugin to send data to my PowerShell script, rather than to the Icecast web server. If the Now Playing plugin sends a blank message, it will randomly select a generic message from any number of them provided at the top of the script. It can also replace strings. For example, if the title of your song contains "(Radio Edit)", "(Clean)", or anything like that, it will strip that out of the title. You can define any number of these replacement strings. After that, it will then invoke a web request to Icecast and pass along the data that it got from PIL, with any modifications it made to the data. If you think this will be useful to anyone, you should know how to reach me. We exchanged a couple of emails a few days ago.
Max Osadchyi commented
Indeed, if it were possible to replace the empty string with your own data, for example, the name of the station, it would be good. Because sending an empty string is not a good idea.


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