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A PlayIt Software Bronze Support subscription is an affordable way to get quick and accurate answers to common questions regarding PlayIt Software products such as:

  • "How do I set up a clock?"
  • "How do I migrate my data from one computer to another?"
  • "How do I connect PlayIt Live to my internet streaming server?"
  • "How do I set up PlayIt Manager for use with PlayIt Live?"
  • "How do I reset my data and start from scratch?"

There is an active user community in the forums and Facebook group where you can go for free help; as well as comprehensive documentation. So if you spend a little time and effort you can probably answer all of these questions yourself. But for many commercial users, it makes more sense to have an expert at hand - someone you can ask to get an accurate answer.

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Services Included

The following are the services you can receive with a Bronze Support subscription:

  • You can communicate directly and privately via email with our development team and receive fast and authoritative answers to technical questions.
  • Any bugs you report will be given priority handling and reasonable endeavours will be taken to ensure it is fixed by the next version.
  • Any concerns or new feature suggestions you provide will be given priority over the general public when making future development plans.
  • A single subscription covers support for all PlayIt Software products across a single site (i.e. location).

Limitations and Exclusions

A Bronze Support subscription provides entry-level support for PlayIt Software products. In order to keep down the cost of a Bronze Support subscription, there are certain limitations on the amount of support you can receive under the subscription.

  • Contact and investigation time is limited to 12 hours per year, spread over the course of the year. The limitation is included to set expectations and to prevent abuse. If you think you might need more than 12 hours over 12 months please to negotiate a custom contract.
  • Reasonable efforts are taken to respond to your questions. A reply should be expected within 1 working day. Where public holidays or vacations apply, more than 1 working day might be required, but this is rare.
  • A Bronze Support subscription does not cover on-site visits or consultation.
  • Support is provided in English only.

Higher Levels of Support

If you need more support than is provided by a Bronze Support subscription, then you might be interested in a Silver or Gold Support subscription.

How to Purchase a Support Subscription

A Bronze Support subscription costs USD $180 per year. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled. Payment can be made securely using credit/debit card or via PayPal. You can purchase or manage your existing subscription via this page:

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PlayIt Software is based in the heart of Cambridge, England, United Kingdom.
You can get in touch with us by the following methods:

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